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Arcata is Going to Look Stupid Tonight

Remember how you've been itching for an opportunity to dress goofy in public? You recall us talking about that, right? Good news! Friday night, Arcata is going to be full of people looking completely out of place (insert easy joke here.) 

Now, if you plan ahead you can look ridiculous in two different giant groups of people. First, drag out your leg warmers, your checkered Vans and "RELAX" t-shirts. Friday night's Humboldt Crabs game against the Anytown Who Cares? will be but a distraction for the fashion cacophony of '80s Night, sponsored by KWPT The Point

After that, you have a tough choice to make: You can either soldier on in your '80s gear for Jambalaya's own '80s Night dance party with DJ Red and DJ Zephyr. That's option one. OR find a dark parking lot to strip off your decade-specific duds and pull on your board shorts or your daisy dukes/bikinis on top. Missing Link Records' monthly Soul Night returns to HumBrews with a summer-appropriate beach party theme. Surf's up, Humboldt!

All that, plus Arts Arcata, more Marimba Festival and, holy crap, there's another '80s Night (this one with Pressure/Anya) at the Eureka Inn tonight. Was that really that great a decade, people? Anywho, it's all in Friday's Lowdown below.

-Andrew Goff



Arcata / 6-9 p.m.

Monthly arts walk. Businesses on and around the Plaza stay open late featuring local art and music.

822-4500 / Web site

Humboldt Crabs vs. Walnut Creek Crawdads

Arcata Ball Park / 7 p.m. / $8

Hometown baseball, baby.

Web site

The Submarine Show

Dell'Arte / 8 p.m. / $12 / $7 kids under 12

Two men crash their submarine on bottom of the sea.

North and South Marimba Concert

HSU Native Forum / 8 p.m. / $10

Part of the Zeltsman Marimba Festival.

Web site

Soul Night 21: Playa del Soul

Humboldt Brews / 9 p.m. / $5 / 21+

Since we are in the grips of a Humboldt heatwave, Missing Link is throwing a beach party. Dress accordingly.

826-2739 / Web site

'80s Night with DJs Red and Zephyr

The Jam / 9:30 p.m. / 21+

Slip on those checkered Van's, stick a comb in your back pocket, and feather your hair to symmetric perfection.

822-4766 / Web site

Garberville Farmers' Market

Garberville Town Square / 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Sustainable farms sell local produce direct to the consumer.

DJ Itchie Fingaz

Six Rivers Brewery / 2 p.m.


839-7580 / Web site

Anna Hamilton

Angelina Inn / 5:30-8:30 p.m.

Local singer/songwriter/storyteller gets to know you.

725-5200 / Web site

Vanishing Pints

Mad River Brewery Tasting Room / 6 p.m. / Free

Evening of Irish drinking music and Mexican food. Oddly complementary.

668-4151 / Web site

Claire Blotter and Pat McCutcheon

Northtown Books / 7-9 p.m.

Marin poet Blotter and local poet McCutcheon read and perform.

822-2834 / info@northtownbooks.com / Web site

Lorenza Simmons and Bill Allison

Persimmons Garden Gallery / 7 p.m.

Local jazz duo.

923-2748 / Web site

Lorenza Simmons

Persimmons Garden Gallery / 7 p.m.

Jazz and R&B standards.

923-2748 / Web site

True Gospel Singers

Old Town Coffee And Chocolates (Old Town) / 7 p.m.

445-8600 / Web site

The Heir Apparent

Redwood Curtain Theatre / 8 p.m. / $15

Modern comic genius David Ives adapts Jean-Francois Regnard’s 1708 masterpiece, wherein Eraste desperately wants to marry Isabelle, but first he needs to secure an inheritance from his miserable old uncle, Geronte.


SpeakEasy / 8 p.m.

Local jazz/blues band gets it done.

444-2244 / Web site


Bear River Casino Resort / 9 p.m. / 21+

Local rock band performs.

733-9644 / Web site

'80s Night with Pressure/Anya

Eureka Inn / 9 p.m. / 21+

New Wave, Electro, Goth, Synth-Pop and more

497-6093 / Web site

Juke Box Karaoke

Bar Fly Pub and Grub / 9 p.m.-1 a.m. / 21+

443-3770 / Web site

Accurate Productions

The Ritz / 9 p.m.

City Lights dance night.

Blue Rhythm Revue

Blue Lake Casino and Hotel / 9 p.m. / 21+

Local R&B-based funk ensemble.

668-9770 / Web site

Don's Neighbors

Cher-Ae Heights Casino / 9 p.m. / 21+

Local rock band.

800-684-2464 / Web site

Rude Lion Sound

Toby and Jacks / 9:30 p.m.

Dance, sweat, get down.

DJ Itchie Fingaz

Six Rivers Brewery / 10 p.m. / 21+

Beer. Dancing. Beer.

839-7580 / Web site


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