National Safe Boating Day

Coastal Currents | Thursday, May 18

Delia and I were joined by Matt Kurth, Aquatics Coordinator, from the Humboldt Bay Aquatics Center/HSU Center Activities

Southern Humboldt Community Park

Happy Trails | Yesterday

This morning Emily Sinkhorn and I spoke with Kathryn Lobato about the Southern Humboldt Community Park. Kathryn has been part of this project for the past 17 years. The park is more than 400 acres with trails for hikers, bikers, strollers and the like. The future will bring sports fields and expansion of trails into the hills for mountain bikers.

Sanctuary Cities

KHUM In-Depth | Wednesday, May 17

Among the hot-button issues currently fueling arguments in families, debates between friends and carving a divide into our country is Immigration. The national and local discussion of Immigration covers a spectrum from job protection to fear of crime and violence to whether the tired, poor and huddled masses are still welcome here. At KHUM In Depth, we plan to try to understand this issue from a number of different points of view and in two parts. In part one, we focus on Sanctuary Cities and Sanctuary States which are jurisdictions that limit in some way their cooperation with federal authorities in the enforcement of U.S. immigration law.

John Craigie Live on KHUM 4-20-2017

Live at KHUM | Thursday, April 20

The title is a flashback to this little ditty from 2007: https://archive.org/details/JohnCraigieLiveOnKhum Titled "John Craigie Live on KHUM 5-18-2007" that in-studio was John's first KHUM visit. Chris P who regularly fills in also played his first tune on KHUM. Check it out! You'll regret it if you don't. Today John rolled by to play some tunes from his new album "No Rain, No Rose" and talk with Amy about parents, live and other fun things. He has a show tonight at The Old Steeple in Ferndale with Lyndsey Battle, Colin Trujillo and Cam Trujillo.

Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council

Not For Kids Only | Friday, Aug. 19, 2016

Cindy Sutcliffe of the Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council of Humboldt talks about the organization and how they actively bring together agencies and individuals that are in fields working to prevent, intervene, and treat child abuse and neglect. For more information visit http://capcchumboldt.org/