Street Story

Happy Trails | Yesterday

This morning Colin Fisk and I spoke with Kate Beck, the Program Lead at Street Story in Berkley. This is an interactive website that is gathering information on areas that have had accidents and near misses to help both regular folks and municipalities gather data to improve safety at streetstory.berkeley.edu.

Summer Breezes Hitting the Coast this Weekend

Humboldt Bay Watch | Thursday, June 20

Alex from NOAA talks Summertime weather and tells us what's up with our local rivers, inland temperatures and windy conditions for the next few days on the coast.

An Update from the Folks Fighting to Protect the Headwaters of the Mattole

Humboldt Hot Mic | Wednesday, June 12

Ellen Taylor and Gabrielle Ward have been working to preserve the Mattole Headwaters for over thirty years. In fact, Ellen (now 77 years old) was arrested, along side other Septuagenarian friends, this past Monday when they attempted to block passage of logging trucks heading towards Rainbow Ridge. Gabreille and Ellen talk about Lost Coast League's efforts to re-define the Mattole Headwaters as a "High Conservation Value Forest." They also are challenging the interpretation of sustainable forestry practices to consider the impact and relationship to climate change.

No Pardon Releases their Brand New Album This Upcoming Weekend

Live at KHUM | Thursday, April 25

Chris Parreira, Rosalind Parducci and Amber Grimes came into the KHUM studio during Local Lunch. Hear them play some brand new tracks and perform a few songs off their new album 'Whispers.' The new album officially comes out this weekend. They'll be performing at the Works on Friday, Westhaven Center for the Arts on Saturday and the Siren's Song Tavern on Sunday. You can pre-order the new album at nopardon.com

Our Local CHP is Offering a Free Driving Course for Teens

Not For Kids Only | Thursday, June 20

Officer Paul Craft stopped by the KHUM studio to talk about the 'Start Smart' program. It's a two hour class where teens can learn some first-hand techniques on how to stay safe as a new driver out there on the road. For more info or to sign up, call 707-822-5981