Stop the Violence 2017

Thursday, November 16th:

The subject for the day is "Pervasive Sexual Harassment & Sexual Assault

8:30am - Sociologist, Tori Stone and Paula Arrowsmith Jones (North Coast Rape Crisis Team)





1pm - Maxwell Schnurer professor of the Act To End Sexualized Violence class at HSU


Maxwell mentioned that the best thing you can do is be willing to talk to friends and family, believe and listen to someone when they come to you about sexual assault, and share resources.  

As far as witnessing sexualized violence Maxwell suggests using Distract, Directly Intervene and Delegate.  

Here are some resources we discussed:

North Coast Rape Crisis

http://www.ncrct.org or call 707-445-2881


Know Your IX



4pm - Psychologist, Dr. Karen NorthToday

 Amy spoke with her sister, Dr. Karen North. She is a recognized expert in social media and in psychology. She is the Director of USC Annenberg's Digital Social Media (DSM) program, and a Clinical Professor in the School of Communication. DSM (formerly, Annenberg Program on Online Communities) is the world’s first master’s degree program and research center focused on the leadership and management of social media and online communities.





Friday, November 17th:

The Subject for the day is "Racism, Otherism and Hate Groups in Humboldt County"


8:30am - An anonymous interview with an insider of a local service group that is secretly peddling hate and discrimination of "Undesirables."

This morning I spoke with a member of Take Back Eureka who wished to remain anonymous who spoke very frankly about some of the hateful speech that some of the members are spewing on the group's Facebook. While the organization is not a hate group, and was set up for worthwhile purposes, it has become a continuation of hateful and violent speech. These post can only be seen if you are a member of the group. Be warned, some of what is talked about in this interview is disturbing.

The contributor to this interview is not pictured here.



11am - Roger Y. Wang - Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)/Student Support Services (SSS) Advisor at Humboldt State.  He facilitates the workshops on microagression.


Microaggressions are daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities whether intentional or unintentional.  Roger stressed the best thing we can do about microaggressions is to start discussion about it. 

For more information about microaggressions email Roger at roger.wang@humboldt.edu. 

4pm - Harm reduction with HACHR - This organization has come under fire lately for helping out the down and out.

This afternoon we wrapped up our Stop the Violence Start the Healing conversations with Brandie Wilson, Executive Director of HACHR (Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction). We talked about what harm reduction is, the value to public health and safety, and how they work based on research based best practices. We also discussed how each person has value and how we can be supportive of every person.

To learn more, here is their website.



Saturday Night - November 18th

The Stop the Violence "Healing Celebration"

The Healing Celebration will take place this Saturday night, November 18th from 8pm till 11pm at the Eureka Woman's Club at 1531 J Street. 

We will dance the night away with the Jim Lahman Band. Plus there will be food from Rita's Grill and beer from Mad River Brewery. Proceeds from the evening will benefit the Stop the Violence fund, managed by the Humboldt Area Foundation. 

Just $5 gets you in and doors open at 7:30pm. We hope to see you there!