Thirsty Thursday

CHEAP drinks, fire dancing, good music, poppin' dance floor, and the ATL dance team. Come to college night this Thursday and don't miss a special fire show at midnight! Doors 10:00 21+ $3 Drinks all night Lineup: Vinyl Richie Zordon Ft. The ATL Dance Team Zordon: He is a seasoned festival DJ who has one of the most diverse styles of anyone in the Humboldt area. He’s known to remaster classic originals from Michael Jackson to Tina Turner and blend them into newer songs, making his music very relatable and a fan favorite. He takes influences from house, disco house, pop, & hip hop, he is one of those DJ’s you could listen to for hours as he keeps a great flow and is sure to have you dancing. Vinyl Richie: A DJ of many styles, Richie is known to mix it up frequently, his styles are derived from pop, disco, & house. He will have you movin' to the beat. The ATL Dance Team: Over the past 6 months our beautiful dancers have been a prominent feature upon the stage. Come be captivated as they are sure to keep your attention.