Jessica McGuinty

UPDATE February 2015:

After a glorious six-year run, Global Grooves wrapped it up. Jess had to move and we will forever remember the good times on Wednesday nights. 




See Jess' smile in this picture?  She does that a lot. Laughs all the time too.  She's just a happy person.  You could find yourself laughing with (or at) her on Wednesdays from 6-8pm during her world music show, Global Grooves.

Jess was born in North Bay, Ontario, Canada but grew up in St. Helena, CA, so she’s officially a “Canerican”. (Or Canifornian, as the case may be.)  As an 8th grader, the St. Helena Star Newspaper snagged her for the Sidewalk Opinions, asking her what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her answer? “I want to be a DJ. I talk a lot so I think that would be good for the type of person I am.” She now has a better understanding that the best DJs play music more than talk.

Jess’s love for world music developed in her early 20’s when she worked as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor in the Bay Area. Never a fan of the music played in traditional exercise classes, Jess began using Afro Beat , Salsa and Caribbean music as the soundtrack for her classes, and her students appreciated the difference. She spent hours of free time at the World Music listening stations in Bay Area hippie stores but has since upgraded to an iPod. It’s just more convenient than standing in a store with big ‘ol head phones, she doesn’t end up smelling like patchouli after, and the iPod ear buds don’t mess up her hair. Speaking of hair, she is actually that Jess McGuinty of Jessicurl.

These days her spare time is spent doing stand-up comedy, hiking and begging her dog Nickie to stop licking people’s faces. Whiskey may or may not be involved. (Irish, of course.)

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