The J St Regulars Radio Hour

The J Street Regulars Radio Hour Monday through Friday 7 to 8 pm PST On Facebook Live As part of the Sanctuary's array of "shelter in place" offerings, you are invited to tune in Monday through Friday from 7 to 8 pm for a live-stream performance, broadcast from the Great Hall. Flying straight into computers everywhere via Facebook Live, each evening's radio program will be hosted by one of the J Street Regulars. The host will perform live, mixing originals and traditional material, as well as taking requests from audience members. April's weekly schedule will feature: -James Zeller on Mondays & Fridays -Daniel Nickerson on Tuesdays & Thursdays -Samara Jade on Wednesdays In ordinary times, scheduled concerts and impromptu musical offerings are a regular part of the Sanctuary's soundscape, and an integral part of our community arts programming. During these extraordinary times, we'll do our best to keep that spirit alive with the help of the J Street Regulars Radio Hour. Audience members are invited to tip the musicians through the Sanctuary's website (https://sanctuaryarcata.org/donate/), and a portion of all contributions will go to the Sanctuary itself, helping keep this big ship afloat during these unprecedented times. https://www.jameszellertrio.com/ https://www.samarajademusic.com/ https://soundsofthesanctuary.bandcamp.com/