Tea Leaf Trio

Come Celebrate St. Patty's Day with the double bill of Tea Leaf Trio and American Babies

Tea Leaf Trio: Featuring Trevor Garrod, Reed Mathis, and Cochrane McMillan
Note from Reed: Improvisation is undoubtably one of the sweetest fruits on the music tree. I have always felt that trio is the optimum vehicle for group improvising... every move you make is of great import in a trio, every sound or silent space is a suprising new direction, and you can turn on a dime like a school of fish. Trevor and Cochrane and I have been abusing our improvising privlieges with glee and abandon lately, and you can hear the results here. We are proud! The reason for the covers (other than the simple enjoyment of a great song) is that musicians tend to take more risks when playing a cover....your own song can be too personal, too precious, too self-revealing to monkey with. But a Dylan song...? There's no definitive way to play a Dylan song, even to Zimmy himself. So we set out on a sound voyage in borrowed boats to uncharted waters. We recorded all 13 songs in one volcanic night of inspiration. In the words of our engineer Dave O'Dell it was 'a perfect storm'. I concur. I hope y'all enjoy the trip! Real raw humanity here. The sounds of friendship and trust. Offered to y'all in a spirit of honesty and excitement. More to come!

American Babies
Since 2007, American Babies has been the mouthpiece for Philadelphia based musician Tom Hamilton. After spending the early 2000s building a national fan base fronting the electro-rock band Brothers Past, releasing two critically acclaimed albums, and averaging 150 shows a year, a change was in order. "Musically, I wanted to get back to the basics" he explains, "Get the song right, first. Then worry about the live show and how the music opens up from there."

Hamilton went back to his roots, rediscovering the Outlaw Country, Motown, and Grateful Dead records he grew up with, and assembled a pool of musicians to pull from for recording sessions and live performances. After two full-length LPs, an EP, and three years of touring, the American Babies are hitting their stride. The live band has been solidified with David Butler (Lee "Scratch" Perry) on drums, Adam Flicker (The Brakes) on keys, and Marc Friedman (The Slip) on bass.