Shovels, Colossal Yes, The Tweeners


Shovels are part post-punk, experimental and white noise-psych, as you listen more and more to this group, you realize that the members of Shovels, Michael Beach (guitar and vocals), Adam Camilleri (bass), and Peter Warden (drums) are alchemists, melding guttural voices and sonic blasts with tribal beats and galloping bass lines that nimbly shift gears into high and slow paces that leave your heart stuttering or racing in densely textured sound-scapes you want to visit again and again.



The main dude behind the mello jams of Colossal Yes is Utrillo Kushner. Utrillo is a Bay Area musician who has been playing and making music for over 20 years. Drawing inspiration from DIY song-writers, folk rock troubadours, movie soundtracks, and the soft sounds of the 70's mainstream Utrillo has forged his own style of homespun piano based music.



Eureka Locals The Tweeners, as described by their drummer, are "Forever changing primitive goo from Eureka's sewers with two birds named Erin who will never back down from a knife fight and three Catholic J's holding down the Cameroonian Stomp."