Halloween Monster Bash

World Famous Productions presents WF Halloween Monster Bash ft. Nasty Nasty, Kalya Scintilla, Bird of Prey & Psy Fi!

Since the release of NastyNasty’s debut single “The Reef” on Frite Nite he has been pulling down remixes, working on vinyl releases and performing mindbending sets across the nation. Seemingly erupting from nowhere this Oakland based artist has been melting both faces and hearts with his own brand of bass music, frequently combining filthy bass sounds with focused melodies and sentimental vocal snippets into a melange of sonic wonder.

Pulling influences from both club culture and counter culture NastyNasty’s unique sound has garnered attention around the globe gracing blogs and mixes worldwide, most notably; 2 top rated mp3s on Xlr8r, a rinsing on Skream’s “Stella Sessions” radio show by dj/producer Starkey and his own mix on Rob Booth’s (formerly of BBC1 “BreezeBlock” with Mary Anne Hobbs) “Electronic Explorations” podcast series.

Traversing the cosmos, gliding across dimensions beyond time and space, Kalya Scintilla brings universal shamanic journeys through his music to planet earth straight from his heart. His music paints sacred soundscapes with world fusion beats from ancient futures hidden amongst our forgotten memories to bring forth lush healing vibrations to activate the dormant codes within us. Infusing his love for nature, tribal healing, sacred geometry, and Hathor wisdom; Kalya is able to birth heart opening crescendos that open doorways into our personal and collective awakening. Audiences across the world have successfully received his musical transmissions enabling his ability to travel and play at festivals across continents. His vision for the future holds his devotional intention to plant more seeds of galactic sound alchemy to be felt and experienced by all.

Bird of Prey is bay area native Torin Goodnight. Pursuing electronic music for over a decade, he has refined his sound and style to offer something unique and powerful to the electronic music community. He aims to provide an alternative to the current trends, where focused intent and sound waves convene to create the circumstances for magic. Bird of Prey offers a cohesive blend of organic, tropical qualities with modern psychedelic bass music. His fusion of elements, both natural and synthetic, create an engaging bio-digital landscape that leaves little to the imagination. His first creations were hatched from a hardware based studio, eventually progressing to contemporary computer-based production. Upon receiving a Bachelor’s degree in sound engineering from Expression College for Digital Arts, he worked in the audio industry for four years before becoming a full time musician. After several years of being heavily involved in the psy-trance scene, he developed his sound into something that more accurately represented his imagination, in hopes of conveying how he feels about music and it’s potential to transform our every day experience into something magical. The success of his 5 EP’s (Atrium, SubTropic, Dreamcatcher, Stray Feathers, Pathfinder/Metakinetic), and many licensed tracks to compilations have given this artist a reputation of quality and consistency.  He is currently putting together a full length release (Birds Eye View), compiled of his favorite songs from his previous releases.  He has also co-founded the new collaborative project, Birds of Paradise with best friend and music partner Tyler Gibson (Gibson).  You can always be sure to expect honest, cutting-edge music from these audio mystics. Bird of Prey is often accompanied by his lovely wife Kit, an internationally acclaimed hula hoop dancer and fire performer. KiT’s out of this world, freestyle moves to Bird of Prey’s mesmerizing beats will electrify any audience.

Over the past 7 years, Psy Fi aka Miles Ross has been on a nationwide rampage throwing events, playing major events and making psychedelic bass music. Whether you’ve been to his weekly party in Eureka CA, Whomp Whomp Wednesdays, cruised the burning man playa stirring up trouble while rocking dance floors or caught a set out at a SXSW showcase in Austin Texas; if you were in attendance chances are you’ve remembered it and are highly anticipating the next event. Lately Miles has been hard at work in the studio crafting up next generation psychedelic dubstep music. With an arsenal of cutting edge software and live instrumentation, Psy Fi is on the cutting edge of creating a melodic sound while continuing to deliver nasty and hard hitting beats to the dancefloor. Look out for upcoming releases on Ooze System recordings in 2012.