Godwit Days

Come celebrate the Marbled Godwit and explore the lush Redwood Coast. Observe many bird species and wildlife through the selection of field trips, lectures, workshops, and boat excursions led by experienced local guides during our annual week-long festival. Tour the expansive mudflats, the wild river valleys and the rocky ocean coast of this sector of the Klamath bioregion in northwest California.

The festival provides a perfect opportunity to see tens of thousands of shorebirds in migration, the occasional rarity, pelagic birds, visit Spotted Owls in the Redwoods, learn bird calls, photograph birds at all elevations, identify dragonflies and damselflies, search for amphibians, recognize coastal flora, view children’s artwork, learn from renowned keynote presenters and numerous government and non-profit organizations, see 100+ birds on the Big Day trip and add to your life list.


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