Global Big Day: Bridgeville-Kneeland Road Birdwatching Tour

David Juliano will once again be leading this exciting trip. Of the over 50 species seen last year, highlights included Lazuli Bunting, Chipping Sparrow, Western Kingbird and Sooty Grouse. The whole loop (starting in Eureka) is about 100 miles, with the road from Bridgeville to Kneeland about 35 miles. It is a public road but passes through mostly private lands, so most of the birding is from the road with very little hiking. Pack some snacks and plan on spending six hours birding. To minimize cars on this busy road, please meet in the Party City parking lot at Bayshore Mall in Eureka at 8 a.m. Carpooling will be arranged at that time. Anyone from south of Eureka can meet us at 8:45 a.m. at Murrish Market in Hydesville. For anyone coming from further east on Hightway 36, meet up with the group in Bridgeville. For more information, please contact David at villosus1971@gmail.com or by calling 707-601-2389. To learn more about Global Big Day, visit https://ebird.org/news/global-big-day-4-may-2019.