Find the DJ in the Chicken Costume ALL DAY

... and win a free turkey! Listen to KWPT The Point all day as they give clues as to the whereabouts of chicken-suited DJ Eli Rohl. Go find him and lessen your Thanksgiving expenses. Multiple turkeys in multiple locations. Gobble gobble whee!

From KWPT.com:

"It's the battle of the fowl. As we have in years past, we'll be handing off to the first lucky person to find a Point dj, hiding in plain sight, at one of The Point's fine sponsors' place of business, a delicious turkey bird for your holiday shindig. On November 22nd--(the friday before turkey day) throughout the day, Point djs will be stashed in key sponsor locations. This year, we're changing it up just a wee bit. To get the bird.. you must find Our Bird.  That's right - it's a bit of a hazing for the newest Point member.  We will stash new Point DJ Eli--dressed in a chicken suit, to 10 of our sponsor locations.  Feel free to heckle him and make him do all sorts of chicken like things.   Turkeys are kindly donated by our friends at The Northcoast Co-Op and Eureka Natural Foods.(Note-- families can only win one turkey, let's share the fun) It's the find the DJ, and they'll give you the bird...  A real bird..giveaway. The Point's way of saying Thank You to both our listeners and the fine people who sponsor us and keep us rocking."