Aw Nah You Didn't

Ya turns out we did! We took a trip, made some friends and brought back a bunch of beer! For those of you from San Diego and miss it, we have brought you back a piece of home. For those who haven't been,we are going to introduce you to the "Hop Highway" plus a few more! We will be putting on beers from Prohibition Brewing, Latitude 33, Left Coast Brewing, Belching Beaver, Iron Fist and a surprise. Belching Beaver? Ya strange name, wait till you try their Hop Highway IPA, you won't care what they are called. We will be pouring Iron Fist Uprising, a massively hopped Belgian Trippel that comes in at 12% abv. Also their Nelson the Imp-Aler. Prohibition will be showcasing their Cali IPA, a nice clean west coast style IPA. Left Coast will be blowing out your palate with Hop Juice and Trestle IPA. Latitude 33 will be bringing you their full bodied Camel Corps IPA. We also managed to find some beers not from San Diego but surely not from around here. It will be a whole mess of first time beers for Humboldt County. That alone is not enough, so we made sure your palates will be pleased! So come join us Thursday for a taste of something new and amazing. We drove 1400 miles so you didn't have to!