Cliff Berkowitz

Cliff is a founder of KHUM and a 40+ year veteran of radio with experience in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Riverside/San Bernardino, Fresno and more.  Cliff also spent several years as a national radio consultant working with stations in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, and Baltimore to name a few.

In late 1993 Cliff came to the conclusion that big corporate major market radio was just not fun anymore and decided to give it all up.  In January of 1994 Cliff, his wife Amy, and 2 year old son Alexander moved up to Humboldt County to start over.

“We moved in with my in-laws and I got a job as a shift supervisor for the McKinleyville Round Table Pizza.  At the same time I was flipping pizzas, I had the hair-brained scheme to start a local radio station that would get back to the root of what I loved about radio…being a vital part of a real community.  It took a series of miracles and lots of good luck, but by January 6, 1996 KHUM was born.”

Cliff lives in Eureka with his wife Amy, now 19 year old son Michael.  His son Alexander, now 27 Lives in New York City pursuing an acting career.