Lyndsey Battle


Lyndsey Battle - Sunday Mornings/Middays

Host: "Meet Me in the Morning"

Lyndsey Battle is a little quirky… no doubt about that.  She’s from Florida.  Her sincere appreciation of the unusual shines through on Sunday mornings, when Lyndsey (clearly not a morning person) makes a  whole-hearted effort to pull it together and bring you music that may otherwise not have made the trek to KHUM.

On any other day, Lyndsey likes to write songs about her love for the simpler things in life, usually with  way too many wacky chord changes.  She spends time with her daughter in the garden, hoards a variety of homegrown canned goods in the garage.  She also enjoys teaching others how to play ukulele. Lyndsey strongly dislikes plastics but manages to play only nylon-stringed instruments most of the time.  In efforts to reduce her carbon footprint, she often waits way too long to change her strings. Sometimes, you just gotta take one for the team!  

Most apparent is Lyndsey’s desire to make life a little better through music, a characteristic that makes sense to most.