Mark "Scatch" Scatchard - Zen Through Zappa

Needless to say, I am a huge Frank Zappa fan. I spent every nickel I earned from my paper route in junior high on a 1968 Gibson SG guitar in an attempt to sound more like Frank.

When I moved from Los Angeles to Humboldt County in 1998, I was amazed to find the Frankly Zappa show hosted by the wonderful Digital Dan on KHUM. During my seven year college career at HSU it was the Frankly Zappa show that kept me home studying marine biology on Friday nights when everyone else was out gallivanting.

But then one day, the show was gone. That's when I decided to bombard KHUM with a barrage of emails and phone calls demanding the Zappa show be put back on the air. This is where the story gets a little foggy. Somehow after a few weeks of harassment KHUM let ME become the new Friday night host of the Frank Zappa show, a position I am completely unqualified for. Ask and you shall receive! So please join me friday nights from ten to midnight, to hear all the Zappa you can chew, before they figure me out.

I also enjoy shaving, doing math in my head, eating cheese and going to the mall.

You can hear me every Friday night from 10:00 pm - midnight for Zen Through Zappa.  Click for more on the program here.

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