Happy Trails

10th Anniversary - Being Hit on 101

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On the morning July 10th 2007, I interviewed Hank Sims who at the time was working at the Northcoast Journal. He had just published an article about the NCRA's efforts to revitalize the rail line between Humboldt and the Bay Area and that those efforts could kill the dream of a Bay Trail. Much has changed in those 10 years. NCRA has given up the efforts to go through the Eel River Canyon, and the Bay Trail is moving forward. In fact NCRA is supportive of the project. Ironically, the day of this interview, I was struck and nearly killed by a Fat Boy Harley Davidson on my bike commute home along the 101. My injuries included 5 broken ribs, a broken clavicle, punctured lung, torn rotator cuff, a deep gash in my leg and road rash down my entire left side. While recovering the accident, I came up with the concept of the weekly trails advocacy program "Happy Trails." This is a rebroadcast of that original intervew with Hank Sims, now with the Lost Coast Outpost.