Dronkers to Trask. Nov. 17, 2011.

Ch-ch-ch-changeover! | Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011

THE FIRST MINUTE OF THE REST OF YOUR SHOW: Sextathalon will be resurrected this year. Olympics were naked. CR's Got Talent. MD: "I can do a lot of things OK." Larry's special skill: creating mythical YouTube Videos. Hooray for Thursday! LISTENER CHALLENGES: Create a 20-second theme song for Best of Humboldt CraigsList segment. Standing offer: Write a weekend song, and it will be played every week! PERUSING THE BEST OF HUMBOLDT CRAIGSLIST: Used Volcano vaporizers, wiper arms for a van, wanted: "Clean Futon." MD: " Custom socks make you feel like a king." "Your face ruins my day. Calling you a turkey is an insult to turkeys." Larry critiques a CraigsList post. Larry rants about hipsters that ruined his Subway sandwich one time. OUTRO MUSIC: (There are no good sandwich songs.) -- @NotLarryTrask.