Central Ave. Safety Improvements

Happy Trails / Tuesday, March 1

This morning Emily and I spoke with Tony Segetti and Jill Tilles from Humboldt County Public works about the Central Avenue improvement project in McKinleyville. After much discussion with the community to figure out the right solutions to improve safety for bicycle and pedestrian traffic along Central Avenue final decisions have been made and should be implemented by May of this year.


Climate Ready Meeting

Coastal Currents / Thursday, Feb. 25

Delia and Larry chat with Carol Vander Meer from Friends Of The Dunes about an upcoming meeting regarding climate change preparations.


Shasta Living Streets: One Year Later

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Feb. 23

It has been one year since we last spoke with Anne Thomas of Shasta Living Streets. And it has been quite an exciting and productive year for bike and ped safety in their community. Anne discusses the progress made, awards they have received and safety measures on highway 44.


The Michael Walker Guitar Experince

Live at KHUM / Friday, Feb. 19

Michael Walker and David Isley came into Lyndsey's show on KHUM today to play some of Michael's handcrafted, amazing guitars. They also picked a few and talked about upcoming workshops Michael is beginning to offer in our community.


Red Cap Road Bikeway Shoulder Widening Project

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Feb. 16

This morning Emily and I spoke with Sandi Tripp, Director of the Karuk Tribe Department of Transportation and Tony Seghetti, Deputy Director of Engineering for the County of Humboldt. The Red Cap Road Bikeway Shoulder Widening Project was the main topic today, however we touched on many other project on tap in the Orleans area.


Coastal Commission Controversy II

Coastal Currents / Thursday, Feb. 11

Delia and Larry speak with surfer, attorney, and environmental conservationist hero Mark Massara regarding efforts to remove Coastal Commission Executive Director Charles Lester.


Advocate Scott Robbins

Not For Kids Only / Tuesday, Feb. 9

Five year CASA Advocate Scott Robbins came in to talk about what it's like to be an advocate and how someone becomes one.


Bigfoot Trail Alliance Update

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Feb. 9

This morning Emily and I spoke with Sage Glegg of the Bigfoot Trail Alliance. It's been nearly a year to the day since we last talked with Michael Kauffmann about the trail. Since then the Alliance has become an official 501C3 non-profit. This nearly 400 mile trail snakes through some of the most beautiful wilderness through several counties and states (California and Oregon). Sage who recently hiked the entire trail reported on its beauty and areas that need some love and improvement. Since the formation of the alliance, giving love and improvement to this treasure has been their goal.


Coastal Commission Controversy

Coastal Currents / Thursday, Feb. 4

Guest host Jennifer Savage and Larry discuss a move to oust Coastal Commission Executive Director Charles Lester


McKinleyville Community Forest

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Feb. 2

Today Emily and I spoke with Greg Orsini, General Manager of the McKinleyville Community Services District about the McKinleyville Community Forest. An agreement has been worked out with Green Diamond and the proposed McKinleyville Community Forest is moving forward quickly. This 600 plus acre project is now seeking grant funding and could be a reality as quickly as 2 years.


CCC Backcountry Trails Program

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Jan. 26

This morning Emily was in the studio along with Karlson Hubbard, Program Director of the Backcountry Trails Program. Karson, a 17 year veteran with the CCC enthusiastically talks about the thousands of miles of trails that the corps has built, maintained or restored over the years. We also talked about all the current and local projects they are involved with.


Let's Talk About The Weather

Coastal Currents / Thursday, Jan. 21

Delia and Larry talk waves and weather with Brian Garcia from NOAA.


Looking at Trails in 2016

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Jan. 19

Today Emily and I talked about all the train projects that are getting attention this year including the Humboldt Bay Trail North (Arcata to Braecut), Humboldt Bay Trail South (Barecut to Eureka), The Eureka Waterfront Trail and many more.


Rosalind Parducci, Amber Grimes, and Chris Parreira

Live at KHUM / Thursday, Jan. 7

The trio came in to play a few tunes and promote their shows this weekend.


Fort Bragg's South Coastal Trail

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Jan. 5

This morning Emily and I spoke with Marie Jones, City of Fort Bragg Community Development Director about the new South Coastal Trail along Fort Bragg's waterfront.