Dry Branch Fire Squad

Live at KHUM / Friday, Feb. 14

DBFS is notoriously sharp, musically and intellectually. Both are on full display as they keep host Mike Dronkers on his feet. Mostly.


Trails and Transportation History

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Feb. 11

Cliff and Emily talk with Don Tuttle, retired from County Public works about Trails and Transportation history here in Humboldt County going back to before the arrival of Native American tribes. We also look forward to the plan of a regional trail system connecting all communities in the county.


Upstage Live: The Wood Brothers

Live at KHUM / Thursday, Feb. 6

Oliver Wood (King Johnson) and Chris Wood (Medeski, Martin, & Wood) perform live at Humbrews in front of an intimate audience. They talk about a questionably-named percussion instrument, their mother's youth as a refugee, and discovering Tom Petty late in life.


Devil Makes Three: 2-5-14

Live at KHUM / Wednesday, Feb. 5

Our favorite Santa Cruz degenerates return to KHUM to talk about Kid Rock's cruise ship, Arcata's police, and NOT HAVING COCAINE STASHED IN THE UPRIGHT BASS.


Unmet Transit Needs Hearings

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Feb. 4

Cliff and Emily talk with Paul Pitino about HCAOG and SSTAC and the unmet transit needs hearings going on now in various cities. These meetings are open to the public and your input is welcome.


Yurok Tribe Transportation Projects

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Jan. 28

Cliff and Emily talk with Isaac Kinny, Transportation Manager for the Yurok Tribe about transportation projects in the tribal area to improve safety and access for pedestrians and cyclists.


Bayside Bike & Ped Safety

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Jan. 21

Cliff and Emily talk with Greta Montagne about community efforts to improve transportation safety in Bayside and safe routes to schools efforts at Jacoby Creek school. Greta is a parent at Jacoby Creek and has spear headed Walk & Roll Wednesdays at Jacoby Creek school for several years. Emily also touches on where we stand on the Bay Trail.


Sounds Of The Sands At Night

Coastal Currents / Wednesday, Jan. 15

Learn how to identify the nocturnal noises in the dunes on January 28th. Hear the difference between an Northern Red-Legged and Pacific Chorus frogs on today's show.


Trails In Rio Dell

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Jan. 14

Cliff and Emily talk with Merritt Perry of GHD and Consulting Engineer for the city of Rio Dell. Many bicycle and pedestrian projects have been put into effect since 2008 that are already getting heavy use and improving safety for school commuters. We also look at the vision for the future of these projects in the city.


Radiation Debunked, Billboard Dunked

Coastal Currents / Wednesday, Jan. 8

So your kooky uncle keeps posting on Facebook that the west coast is getting fried by Fukushima radiation. Sure, he was right about aliens living beneath Mt. Shasta, but is he right about this? Also, Jen Savage questions the legality of the billboards on the safety corridor, but unlike some vandal(s), she did NOT chop one down.


BLM & Redding Trails System

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Jan. 7

Cliff and Emily talk with Bill Kuntz of the BLM about the "Trails Renaissance" Redding is experiencing right now with over 100 miles of trails and more on the way. Bill also details the funding and upkeep of this trials system.


Rails To Trails Goes To The Supreme Court

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013

Cliff and Emily talk about national trails issues including a rails to trails issue in Wyoming that is going all the way to the Supreme Court in 2014.


2013 Trail Year In Review

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2013

Cliff and Emily look back on 2013 and the progress made on the Bay Trail, Arcata Ridge Trail, The Elk River-Hikshari, Eureka Waterfront Trail, Fortuna's John Campbell Memorial Trail and many others.


Upstage Live: Robbie Fulks & Jenny Scheinman

Live at KHUM / Monday, Dec. 23, 2013

Robbie Fulks performs and talks with KHUM's Mike Dronkers about family, ruined guitars, & objectivity in music.


Rails To Trails Conservancy

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013

Cliff and Emily talk with Laura Cohen of the Rails To Trails Conservancy about who they are, what they do, and new funding opportunity here in California. Also other rail to trails and rail with trail successes are discussed.