Trailhead Labs

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Feb. 10

Today Emily and I spoke with Ryan Branciforte about their company Trailhead Labs whose goal it is to make trail data and transit data available in real time in a open source format to be available to counties, municipalities, and individuals.


Bigfoot Trail Alliance

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Feb. 3

This morning Emily and I spoke with Michael Kauffman, who came down to the KHUM studios. He is now helping to launch a new non-profit, the Bigfoot Trail Alliance, to steward the development of a formalized hiking trail in the Klamaths - like the PCT. The Bigfoot Trail will traverse many existing routes in the national forests through northern CA from the Yolla Bollys to Crescent City.


In Studio: Cleopatra Degher

Live at KHUM / Thursday, Jan. 29

With roots in chilly Sweden, Cleopatra Degher brings a sunny California sound to the KHUM studio.


Crescent City Makes Serious Waterfront Progress

Coastal Currents / Thursday, Jan. 29

The Crescent City Harbor District's Charlie Helms talks about the new bike trail and why CC is America's most Tsunami-proofed harbor.


Crescent City Harbor Trail to Southbeach

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Jan. 27

Cliff and Emily talk with Crescent City's Harbormaster, Charlie Helms about funding for a new section of the California Coastal Trail between the harbor and South Beach.


Bay Trail & McKay Community Forest - Coming Soon!

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Jan. 20

This year will mark a lot of progress on the Humboldt Bay Trail and the McKay Community Forest. Emily details the various phases of both of these projects that are getting underway this year.


The CCC & Conservation and Trail Projects

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Jan. 13

This morning Emily and I spoke with Larry Notheis of the California Conservation Corps about their partnering on conservation and trail projects in our area.


Oil Extraction In The Colorado Headwaters

Coastal Currents / Thursday, Jan. 8

Filmmaker Jennifer Eckstrom explores what looks to be a colossally bad plan in her documentary "Last Rush for the Wild West." It'll be screened tonight at the Arcata Theater, 6:30 pm.


North Coast Regional Land Trust

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Jan. 6

Emily and I talk with Michael Cipra of the North Coast Regional Land Trust about the Freshwater Farms trail project and restoration.


Trinidad Coastal Land Trust

Happy Trails / Thursday, Jan. 1

Emily and I continue our series of discussions with area land trusts. Today we spoke with Matthew Marshall of the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust.


Jacoby Creek Land Trust

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2014

This morning Emily and I spoke with Susan Ornelas about the Jacoby Creek Land Trust in our continuing series of land trust discussions.


Mendocino Land Trust

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014

This morning Emily and I spoke with Louisa Morris of the Mendocino Land Trust which has been around since 1976 preserving outdoor space in Mendocino county. We spoke of the many easements to the coast and the multiple trails along the Mendocino coast that they manage.


McKinleyville Land Trust

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014

Emily and I spoke with Nancy Correll of the McKinleyville Land Trust. We spoke of the trails along the Mad River Bluffs and soon to be in the Chah-GAH-Cho property.


The Tom Scharpling Interview

Live at KHUM / Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014

Tom Scharpling, legendary host of The Best Show, talks about the new Scharpling & Wurster box set, the Best Show reboot, and why using real puppets on the radio is not crazy.


Giving To Trails on Giving Tuesday

Happy Trails / Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014

Today we spoke with Emily Sinkhorn from our live broadcast from Wildberries Marketplace during the Food And Fund Drive to discuss all the different trail programs in the county that you can help monetarily or with your time during this "Giving Tuesday."