Safe Routs To School

Happy Trails / Tuesday, June 10

Cliff talks with Jenny Weiss of RCAA and Melanie Williams, Active Transportation Expert. We talked about safe Routes to School, some of our successes and future plans, how getting to school is getting safer and easier and some tips on getting out and doing family riding this summer. Also discussed was a volunteer crossing guard program in Eureka.


These Bay Swimmers Sound Totally Sane

Coastal Currents / Wednesday, June 4

Today's Coastal Currents topic is the Humboldt Bay Critter Crawl, a 4.5-mile swim from the Coast Guard Station to Woodley Island Marina on July 13. We'll check in with Taylor Daniels and Sarah Green, swimmers and co-organizers for the event.


"A Cow Crossing The Sahara"

Coastal Currents / Wednesday, May 21

Dr. John Chapman is a rare bird: he's a scientist BUT he's a good communicator. He was also magnificently wrong about boat-bound critters surviving the quake-induced voyage from Japan to North America. These stray craft and their accidental passengers, pulled out to sea by the tsunami, are landing on North American shores at the rate of almost one a day. But now what? Chapman explains.


Trail Grants, for Bay Trail & Waterfront Trail and NHTSA Pedestrian Safety Data

Happy Trails / Tuesday, May 20

Cliff and Emily talk about local trail grant applications for the Humboldt Bay Trail and the Eureka Waterfront Trail, Safe Routes to School, and disturbing data just out from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for 2012. Some unfortunate trends include, a 6% increase in pedestrian fatalities over the previous year, alcohol played a part in 48% of all traffic related pedestrian fatalities, and one fifth of all pedestrian fatalities are hit and run accidents.


Caltrans and 101 Projects - Including The Bay Trail

Happy Trails / Tuesday, May 13

Cliff and Emily talk with Richard Mullen, Project Manager at Caltrans about the repaving and colored shoulder project on the Safety Corridor. Also discusses is the Indianolla Interchange project and it's relationship to the Bay Trail.


Black Prairie Interview

Live at KHUM / Tuesday, May 6

Black Prairie stopped by KHUM to discuss Afghan bagpipes, flying V guitars, and the difference between whales and non-whales. [Interview only; to hear Black Prairie perform live, visit] Black Prairie’s Fortune (Sugar Hill) avail at iTunes: and Amazon:


Cycle Siskiyou

Happy Trails / Tuesday, May 6

Cliff and Emily talk with George Jennings and Laurie Bagley about Cycle Siskiyou and the Art Of Survival Century Ride coming up on May 24th in Tule lake. We also touched on the Tour Of The Unknown Coast coming up this Saturday and other Bike Month Events happing this week.


Bike Month

Happy Trails / Tuesday, April 29

Cliff and Emily talk with Mark Mueller and Brett Gronemeyer of the Humboldt Bike Month Council about a multitude of activities for Bike Month coming up in May.


Jared Huffman Is Displeased With Other Drought Bills

Coastal Currents / Wednesday, April 23

Rep. Jared Huffman doesn't think current drought-management bills serve our district very well. And he's probably a pretty boring web surfer, too.


Redwood Coast Mountain Bike Association

Happy Trails / Tuesday, April 22

Emily and I talked with Tim Daniels of the Redwood Coast Mountain Bike Association this morning regarding work on the Arcata Ridge Trail and upcoming work on the McKay Community Forest. We also touched on Bike Month events coming up.


Arcata Bike Boulevards - McKay Track Vote Today

Happy Trails / Tuesday, April 15

Emily and I talk with Doby Class, Public Works Director and Netra Kahtri, Assistant Public Works Director from the City of Arcata about their plan to start Bike Boulevards in the city. Also discussed is today's vote at the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors on a plan to purchase the McKay Tract for public use as the McKay Community Forest. It is widely expected to pass. The vote is at 1:30pm today.


Underwater Photographer Richard Salas

Coastal Currents / Wednesday, April 9

The legendary photographer is coming to town.


Bay Trail & Jammie Jog

Happy Trails / Tuesday, April 8

Cliff and Emily talk with Debi Farber Bush and Kirk Cohune of Greenway Partners and the Humboldt Trails Council about progress on the Bay Trail and the upcoming awareness campaign the Jammie Jog. Participants will jog or walk in their pajamas beginning at 9am on April 27th starting at Greenway Partners in Arcata. Also more information on the trails stewards program is discussed.


El Radio Fantastique: Three-Ring Dumpster Fire

Live at KHUM / Thursday, April 3

Fresh from Point Reyes, this band of next-gen hippies use instruments that rattle and plunk.


McKinleyville Brainstormimg

Happy Trails / Tuesday, April 1

Cliff talks with Emily Sinkhorn and Darin Dinsmore of Crowdbright who facilitated a meeting last night at Azalea Hall regarding the Central Ave Improvement Project. This brainstorming session brought together dispirit viewpoints to find common ground. The discussion continues at There will also be a series of meetings regarding the proposed McKay Tract Community Forest. That is also discussed.