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Friday, May 4, 2012


12 a.m.

"Jack Gets Up," Kottke, Leo

"Nothing in Rambling," Williams, Lucinda

"Way Down in the Hole," Earle, Steve

"Goodnight Moon," Said The Whale

"Humanity (Love The Way It Should be)," Legend, John & The Roots

"Are You Gonna Waste My Time," Zeus

"Do You Really Love Me Or Am I Just In Your Network," My Little Pony

"Piazza, New York Catcher," Belle and Sebastian

"Biko," Manu DiBango

"This Sky," Derek Trucks Band

"Jamaica Farewell," Veirs, Laura

"Coal War," James, Joshua

"The Light And The Sea," Williams, Dar

"Afterglow 61," Son Volt

"Close Call," Rilo Kiley

1 a.m.

"Keep You Right," Blind Pilot

"Times Are Gettin Tougher," Little Mac

"Wonder Why," Vetiver

"Gamma Ray," BECK

"War Again," Balkan Beat Box

"Baby I'm A Fool," Gardot, Melody

"La Grande," Gibson, Laura

"The Bad In Each Other," Feist

"To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is Dave Rawlings Machine," Dave Rawlings Machine

"Sweet Home Chicago," Johnson, Robert

"The Littlest Birds," Be Good Tanyas, The

"How Long Must I Wait?," Dr. Dog

"Best Of All," Dirty Dozen Brass Band

"Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa," Vampire Weekend


"I Me Mine," Beatles

"Lump," Bon Iver

2 a.m.

"Sophia," Marling, Laura

"The Garden (Part III)," Tea Leaf Green

"Birds Like It," Tape Five

"Feeling Good," Simone, Nina

"Streetlights (KHUM)," Yogoman Burning Band

"Outlaw Blues," Queens Of The Stone Age

"So What," Davis, Miles

"City Song," Po Girl

"No One But You," Paisley, Doug

"Free Time," Aggrolites, The

"The Turnpike Down," Lemonheads

"Whole Love," Wilco

"Salt Water," Boekbinder, Zoe

"I And Love And You," Avett Brothers, The

3 a.m.

"Ceiling Tan," Donkeys

"The Raft," Fat Freddy's Drop

"Colette," Orchestra Baobab

"Koudlo," Laveaux, Melissa

"Get It While You Can," Tate, Howard

"Radio Song," Spalding, Esperanza

"Dance Dance Dance," RYAN MONTBLEAU

"The Cascades," Fleet Foxes

"Tyrone (EDIT)," My Morning Jacket

"Egos Like Hairdos," Difranco, Ani

"Wrote A Song For Everyone," Staples, Mavis

"Hesitation Blues," Lindley, David

"(He's Got The) Whole World (In His Hands)," Doughty, Mike

4 a.m.

"Foregone," Decemberists, The

"Beggar In The Morning," Barr Brothers

"The Answer," Jodesha and Star Ride

"Suburban War," Arcade Fire

"Fault Lines," Little Hands Of Asphault

"A Few Honest Words," Sollee, Ben

"Neapolitan Girl," Divine Comedy

"The Jingle Swing," Bigott

"Camel Shuffle," Sundy, Amar

"Thanks Dad (part 2)," Sir Joe Quarterman and Free Soul

"Mansion on the Hill," Young, Neil

"A Little Bit More," Lidell, Jamie

"Heartbreaker," Alabama Shakes

"Open," Cockburn, Bruce

"Tangle In This Trampled Wheat," Tallest Man On Earth, The

"Do What You Love Blues," Walker, Melody

5 a.m.

"Soul Sister," Toussaint, Allen

"The Wicked & The Blind," The Do

"I Shot the Sheriff," Marley, Bob and The Wailers

"Crazy," Lydia Loveless

"One Red Thread," Blind Pilot

"Sweetheart," M. Ward

"I Swear," Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside

"Pretty Bird," Lewis, Jenny

"Amberize," Womama

"Tiny Light," Potter, Grace & the Nocturnals

"Throw Me A Rope (Live)," Welch, Gillian

"Swallow It Down," Nelson, Lila

"The Sweetest Thing," Grey, JJ + Mofro

"Angel Dance," Plant, Robert

Cliff in the Morning

6 a.m.

"Drifter's Escape," Smith, Patti

"Boxer," Lovers

"Lucky Now," Adams, Ryan

"10," Wainwright, Loudon

"Odd," Nunes, Julia

"Colours," Grouplove

"I'm not your Monkey," ALO

"Listen To The Radio," Sloan

"Jazzdancer," Mop Mop

"Air Mail Special (Club Des Belugas Remix)," Ella Fitzgerald

"Locked Down," Dr. John

"Vocal Chords," Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside

7 a.m.

"River's Gonna Rise (live)," Warren Haynes

"Lost In the Light," Bahamas

"Eve of Destruction," Bishop Allen

"Look Around The Corner," Quantic & Alice Russel

"Still Hanging On," Fields, Lee & The Expressions

"On The Road," George Carlin

8 a.m.

"Borneo," Firewater

"Blew Out The Walls," ALO

"Afro Blue," Robert Glasper feat. Erykah Badu

"Crowned & Kissed," Spalding, Esperanza

"Simple Song," The Shins

9 a.m.

"Sing A Simple Song," Sly And The Family Stone

"Everyone But You," Young Veins, The

"Pony," Waifs, The

"On a Summer Day," The Red Button

"Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!," Beatles

"Hang Mr. Kite," Guided By Voices

"Lusitania," Bird, Andrew


"Big Mac," Mayfield, Curtis

"1,2,3,4," FEMI KUTI

"1234," Feist

You and Meme

10 a.m.

"In Between Jobs," Snider, Todd

"Shambala," Beastie Boys

"Boddhisattva Vow," Beastie Boys

"Something's Got To give," Beastie Boys

"Brokedown," Hot Buttered Rum

"Do It On The Strings," Mother Hips

"Carousel," Nicki Bluhm

"I Can't Go For That," The Bird and the Bee

"Guttersnipe," Bhiman

"Midnight Special," Odetta

11 a.m.

"Changes," David Bowie

"Warrior Man," Dr. Dog

"Sure Shot," Beastie Boys

"Stang's Swang," Stevie Ray Vaughan

"Buenas Tardes Amigo," Ween

"Little Green Bottle," Lindley, David & Ingram, Wally

"Powa," Tune-Yards

"Cocaine Blues]," Dave Van Ronk

"Ballad of Oregon," River City Extension

12 p.m.

"Hey Ladies," The Beastie Boys

"Mother Popcorn," Brown, James

"Groove Me," King Floyd

"Superfly," Curtis Mayfield

"Egg Man," Beastie Boys

"Pick Up The Pieces," Average White Band

"Love Rollercoaster," Ohio Players

"Fight For Your Right," The Beastie Boys

"It's A New Day," The Skull Snaps

"Up For The Down Stroke," Parliament

"Pass The Mic," The Beastie Boys

1 p.m.

"Freaky Hijiki," Beastie Boys

"The Cisco Kid," War

"Street Sweeper," The Grease Traps

"I Want To Take You Higher," Ike & Tina Turner

"Burn Rubber On Me," Gap Band

"I Gotcha," Tex, Joe

"Flute Loop," The Beastie Boys

"Masterpiece," Clarence Reid

"Janxta Funk," Pimps of Joytime, The

"You'd Better Quit It," Georgie Boy

Awkward Pause

2 p.m.

"The Sound of Everything," Quantic & Alice Russell

"Let Me Take You Higher," Roy Ellis And The Teenagers

"Le Vicompte," Soel

"Floating on Air," Club Des Belugas

"Valerie ['68 Version]," Winehouse, Amy

"Better," Haley, Cas

"Revolution," John Butler Trio

"Uz," 17 Hippies

3 p.m.

"I Ain't The Same," Alabama Shakes

"Burning Down the House," Talking Heads

"Lion And The Bull," The Mother Hips

"Suffragette City," Bowie, David

"Sick Of My Shadow," Haynes, Warren

"Dear Mr. Fantasy (Live)," Welch, Gillian w/ Chris Thile

"lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken," Camera Obscura

"Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam," Nirvana

"Locked Down," Dr. John

"Brazilian Love Song (Remix)," Cole, Nat King

4 p.m.

"Cluck Old Hen," Delmhorst, Kris

"(In My) Wildest Dreams," Jayhawks

"Here I Dreamt I was an Architect (Live)," Meloy, Colin

"A Cool Cat In Town," Tape Five

"I Don't Care If There's Cursing," Phosphorescent

"Picture of a Bird," Fruit Bats

"Crowned & Kissed," Spalding, Esperanza

"Happy To Be Here," Snider, Todd

"Tonight in My Dreams," Francey, David

"Lonely Holiday," Old 97's

"Just A Dream," Moreland & Arbuckle

5 p.m.

"Rite of the Ancients," BUDOS BAND

"Fat Boy Rag," Wills, Bob & His Texas Playboys

"Next Time You Say Forever," Case, Neko

"I Just Can't Work No Longer," Lindley, David

"Friday On My Mind," Easybeats


"Aloha Friday No Work Till Monday," Kahoano, Kimo & Natto, Paul

"Bloodhound," Donkeys

"Lord, I Just Can't Keep From Crying," Barr Brothers

"Nasty Hats," Orgone

"Get Back," McCartney, Paul

"Tumblebee," Veirs, Laura

"Carbon Monoxide," Cake

"Surf Beat," Dale, Dick & His Del-Tones

"Rox In The Box," Decemberists, The

"One Goodbye," Milk Carton Kids

Smile Time Radio Hour

The South Side

7 p.m.

"Super Cooker," Erico Crivellaro

"Hate To See You Go," Little Walter

"Straighten Him Out," Mary Deloatch

"Sleepwalkin'," Ryan Hartt & The Blues Hearts

"It's Your Voodoo Working," Charles Sheffield

"Do I Make Myself Clear," Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto

"Shame, Shame, Shame," Gary Clark, Jr

"Don't Leave Your Daddy at Home," The Paul deLay Band

"Why Can't You Jus Ac Rite," Adrian Duke

"You Got My Mind Messed Up," Collard Greens & Gravy

"I Haven't Done No One No Harm," Champion Jack Dupree

"If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time," Tyrone Davis

8 p.m.

"This Is Hip," John Lee Hooker

"Tracking My Roots," Anders Osborne

"Love Me Tonight," John NĂ©meth

"I'm So Tired of You Doing Me Wrong," Beau Jocque & The Zydeco Hi-Rollers

"Sweet Fine Angel," Gary Primich

"When I Was Young," The Wood Brothers

"Think Twice Before You Speak," Lowell Fulson

"Walk All Day," Rick Estrin & The Nightcats

"It's Your Thing," The Isley Brothers

"Theme from Shaft," Isaac Hayes

"What You Gonna Do?," Curtis Salgado

9 p.m.

"Work That Sucker," The Bo-Keys

"My Brother," The Soul Of John Black

"That Ain't Right," Shakura S'Aida

"Rabbit In a Log," Louis "Gearshifter" Youngblood

"Tell Me Why," Brandon Isaak

"Bad Detective," The Mannish Boys feat James Harman

"Get Your Lies Straight," Bill Coday

"M & O," Paul Rishell

"I Just Want To Make Love To You," Muddy Waters

"Looking Up At Down," Billy Boy Arnold

"Ay-Te Te Fee," Clifton Chenier

Zen Through Zappa

10 p.m.

"Cradle Rock," Frank Zappa

"Luigi And The Wiseguys," Frank Zappa

"You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here," Frank Zappa

"Freak Trim," Frank Zappa

"Return Of The Son Of The Monster Magnet," Frank Zappa

"Who Are The Brain Police?," Frank Zappa

"The Sealed Tuna Bolero," Frank Zappa

"Lather," Frank Zappa

"The little March," Frank Zappa

"The little March," Frank Zappa

11 p.m.

"Lucy's Seduction Of A Bored Violinist & Postlude," Frank Zappa

"Outside Now," Frank Zappa

"Disco Boy," Frank Zappa

"Lonesome Cowboy Nando," Frank Zappa

"Flambay," Frank Zappa

"Watermelon In Easter Hay," Frank Zappa

"Dupree's Paradise," Frank Zappa

"Peaches III," Frank Zappa

"City Of Tiny Lights," Frank Zappa

"Strictly Genteel," Frank Zappa