KHUM Open Mic Project

The KHUM Open Mic Project [KOMP] celebrates Humboldt's constellation of voices and views. 

How to get your voice on KHUM’s Open Mic Project

1. Write a :45 second script. Don't wing it. Rehearse it. Time it. It should be 45 seconds of sound, give or take three seconds. 

2. Record it. Use your smartphone, laptop, or your cousin’s sister’s home studio. It doesn't have to sound ‘studio quality.’ 

3. Email that mp3, mp4, or .wav file to openmicproject@khum.com. Use the subject heading: “Open Mic” along with a very brief description of your audio. The email body will have your real name, cell phone number, address, and a date telling us when to stop airing your submission.

Remember to keep it entertaining, local, and legal. 

What Will Your KOMP be about? 

  • Yard Sales
  • Substance recovery groups
  • Non-profit fundraisers
  • Marriage Proposals
  • Opinions that improve Humboldt
  • Jokes
  • Your Relay For Life/Bowl For Kids Sake/soccer team
  • Local factoids
  • Trash cleanups
  • Little league info
  • Random declarations of appreciation
  • Bake sales
  • Missed connections
  • Fair, informed, and reasonable rants
  • Tiny songs
  • Poems
  • Anything interesting (to KHUM)
  • How are you feeling right now?*


The Open Mic Project May Reject Submissions Including, But Not Limited To:

  • Hate speech
  • Commercial promotion (but please contact our sales department for that, they’re great!)
  • Anything we deem a substantial ‘tune-out’ risk
  • Copyrighted content
  • Defamatory or inflammatory speech
  • Violations of privacy
  • Excerpts that do not have a distinct beginning or end (I.e.: 45 seconds of a song you recorded)
  • Political stump speeches or similar
  • Illegal activity
  • General trolling
  • Non-local affairs
  • Unfair, uninformed or unreasonable rants

Help Us Approve Your KOMP

  • Remember that your audience is mainly interested in one thing: “Is this interesting?”
  • Identify yourself in the script!
  • Keep it local, local, local.
  • The more entertaining, the more effective your message will be, and the more likely we’ll fast-track it. KHUM needs the shortest path between your voice and your audience. We won’t add sound effects or custom music, and if you forget to include the stop-airing date, we can’t use it.


What if it’s not a public service announcement?

Cool! That’s totally fine.

What if it’s, like, a harp solo or ambient creek noise?

Make it good enough for us to say ‘yes’! It needs to have a distinct beginning and end, though.

Does this cost money?


Do I need to have a “radio voice”?

Please don't, actually. You sound great just as you are. 

I’ve never recorded anything. Can you help make this thing work?

Google it! We can't help. 

Can I come in and record it at KHUM?


Can I plug a business or website?

Open Mic isn't for commercials. Unless your website ends in .org or .edu, we will likely have to edit it. (When in doubt, click here.)

Can KHUM add sound effects or special music for me?

No. If you can put that in yourself, great. 

What if all I have to record on is my phone/iPad/laptop?

Totally fine with us. It’s almost preferred.

I hate my voice, and it sounds all weird!

Don't trip. If Neil Young is a singer, you're a KOMPer! Unless your surroundings are part of your message (“We’re here at the beach, come join us next week for a trash pick-up!”), try to find a quiet, carpeted room to record in. Parked cars and closets work are pretty quiet, too. 

Will KHUM send me a copy and tell me when it’s going to air?

Probably not, but we’ll do our best.

How long will it run?

Case by case basis, but again: if your, say, garage sale is next Saturday, remember to include that in the email text.

Can I submit more than once?

Submit every day you want, but again - we retain editorial control over the airwaves. So if you happen to be super-interesting, we’ll keep running your stuff.

I’m leading a class/workshop/retreat. Can I plug that?

This is going to be case-by-case. If you’re getting paid for it, it’s unlikely. (Again, our sales staff can help!)  

Can I be anonymous?

Yes, but we urge you use your real name. We absolutely require your contact information (see above) but will not air it.

But I neeeeeeeeeeeeed to be anonymous!

Why? If KHUM feels the strength of your submission outweighs the lack of accountability… maybe. Otherwise, try Craigslist.

*We know. If it’s interesting to us, we’ll use it.


Lost Coast Communications Inc. (LCCI) retains complete editorial control over its programming, and is in no way obligated to air every, or any, Open Mic submission. All recordings become the sole property of LCCI and may be used outside of the Open Mic Project (i.e. on other LCCI radio stations and/or websites. LCCI retains the rights to acquire sponsors Open Mic Project with advertisements. By emailing audio toopenmic@khum.com, you agree that you have read, understand, and will abide by all of the guidelines. LCCI is not obligated to send you a copy of your Open Mic session.