The Exhibit Geometexury: Look At How It Feels With a combination of Geometry, Textures, reclaimed/ recycled materials and emotional intentions mixed with remembered adventures, the idea of everything having a certain energy and frequency causes one to wonder what feelings such an exhibit can render from even the coldest of hearts. I challenge you to feel with your mind and to look with the eyes of your heart. Grasp with your imagination and search with your emotions. Look At How it Feels! The Artist Born in Lynn, Massachusetts, Tsumnu (aka EMCEE RADIOACTIVE) is now located in Northern California. He has had a life-long passion for art, music and Hip Hop culture and is also an award-winning emcee, freestyler, songwriter, and a master beatboxer. The recipient of two gold records for his Time as a member of Micheal Franti and Spearhead, One Grammy for a feature with Kid-Hop artist Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, multiple “Best of the North Bay” awards, and numerous other accolades, he has performed around the world for audiences large and small. Drawing and painting from a young age, Tsumnu’s artistic style has evolved over the years. Pulling from a tapestry of diverse life experiences – from the streets to world travels, and much in between – his art is infused with emotional richness and tells an unexpected story. True to the core, Tsumnu embodies the positive energy of Hip Hop culture and he strives to celebrate and preserve humanity, connection, creativity, and life in his art. ​ Plus Special Guest DJ Jacques (WBLK)