TRUEntertainment: Day One, documentary

TRUEntertainment presents, in partnership with Arcata Playhouse >> DAY ONE << documentary Director: Lori Miller, 81 min. DAY ONE follows a group of teens from war zones in the Middle East and Africa, 42 countries and 56 languages, as they are resettled in St. Louis, MO and enrolled at a unique public school for refugees-only. Traumatized upon their arrival -- having survived war and years in refugee camps -- the kids are guided through an incredible program of healing, PTSD intervention, education and adjustment by the school's passionate and talented educators, some of whom have chosen to live with their families in the inner-city in order to be closer to their students. Our featured teens come from Somalia, Afghanistan, the Congo, Iraq, and Syria. Some have lost one or both parents, have been unable to attend school for years on end, and have suffered war traumas. These students and their families are faced with economic, language, psychological and cultural challenges, sometimes dangerous living conditions, and the U.S.'s turbulent anti-immigrant political climate. Filmed over the course of a year, we watch the kids progress through their layers of grief and loss as they attend school, forge new friendships, and prepare to be mainstreamed into "regular" public high-school with the support and mentorship of their unbelievably compassionate teachers and advocates. Their triumphs and tribulations all unfold with St. Louis as the backdrop: a rust-belt city in decline in the heart of "red" America that has taken the bold step of welcoming immigrants as a solution for their growing socio-economic problems. ✨$10, suggested donation 🥗 Vegetarian meal @ 5 PM 🎥 Film @ 5:30 PM 📢 Q&A after the film with ✔Ingryd Velasco ~HSU music and sociology student and first-generation American; ✔Andy Sehic ~was a refugee/immigrant from Bosnia, ✔Carilyn Goldammer ~retired teacher/host to international students from HSU and ✔other community members. 📢 We dedicate this event to giving a voice to refugees, to understanding, to connection, to collaboration, to immigrants...and to meet the real people behind these labels of refugees and immigrants.. Join us for an evening and get inspired by amazing young refugees from Middle East and Africa!! #RefugeesAndimmigrantsRmoreThenjustTheseLabels great film. 🎞 great stories. 🥰 great commUnity. ☮️ Here is a link to testimonials: https://www.dayonedocumentary.com/testimonials Learn, support, take action, host a movie, be an advocate! https://www.dayonedocumentary.com/#new-page-4-section #InspiringLivesOfRefugees Sponsored by Global Sports and Activism USA and WILPF Humboldt (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom) In Collaboration with >Day One< TRUEntertainment...inspiring community connection through transformative art, film and activism.