Tour of Loleta Bicycle Event

A variety of rides, races, and routes to choose from. * 75 Mile Race - Starts at 8:00 AM: 0 to 984-ft.elevations on a challenging course for every rider with scenery of ocean views, redwoods and dairy pasture land. * 55 Mile Ferndale Race/Tour start at 8:00 AM: This is a challenge as well as a beautiful ride with the diverse altitudes (from 0 to 984 ft. elevations) and climates of our area. Enjoy the serenity of beautiful pastures, and climbs to the redwoods. * 45-mile Tour starts at 9:30 AM; This ride follows the 75-mile course, with all the climbs in elevation, as far as Fernbridge Drive before returning to the finish line. * 30 Mile Tours starts at 9:30 AM; Not as challenging as the longer races, but has enough hill and dales to make the tour spectacular and give the rider a good workout. * 13 Mile Tour starts at 10:30 AM; Easy enough for the novice rider with spectacular scenery and some Hills. * 8 Mile Farm Ride starts at 10:30 AM; This ride is completely flat and family friendly, easy enough for the novice rider and young children, with spectacular scenery. * 8 Mile Run follows the same course as the 8-mile ride. * 2.5 Mile Run/Walk starts at 11:00 AM All races, Tours and Run/Walks, start and finish on Loleta Drive between the elementary School and the Fire Station.