The OTS Comedy Online Reunion Fundraiser

If you love Humboldt comedy, then you love Savage Henry, and if you love Savage Henry, then you really love the Savage Henry Comedy Club! On the Spot Comedy certainly does, and that is why, during this all-too-serious time, we are reassembling to create a whole new thing: The On the Spot Comedy Online Reunion Fundraiser to Preserve the Savage Henry Comedy Club! Or, Totscorefutpretshcoc for short (pronounced tots-core-fut-pret-shcoc)! Who: A cornucopia of OTS'ers, both present and historical What: An online show featuring our version of the Match Game classic TV game show, as well as a few improv pieces, cuz, y'know. How much: We request a $5 donation to the Savage Henry gofundme page, but you sure are allowed to give more if you want to! https://gf.me/u/ykt2zb When: Saturday, August 15th, 7:00 P.M. How: Zoom, so get it, if ya don't got it. Where: link will be posted on both the OTS Facebook Page and the Savage Henry website. Why: Because all the live comedy is currently just building up with nowhere to go! When this is all over, we'll all need somewhere to go to take that giant comedy dump, and the Savage Henry Comedy Club is our favorite place to go to relieve ourselves of that need! In all seriousness though, we want to do our part to keep creative spaces alive so we can one day entertain you all in person once again! ...................................................... Remember that we recommend registering EARLY for this event so that you do not miss a single thing! Here is how: We will begin admitting people at 6:15 pm Pacific. Please click the link as soon after this as possible to avoid logjams and lengthy wait times. Once you're in you can just leave it up on your screen and go do something else until showtime Please click the link below to join the webinar: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81170100937?pwd=eHVUZ1lzMVRzRjlUK2FPTXV0dUJKQT09 Passcode: 297692