The Mothership: Thesis Festival



Dell'Arte International proudly presents the thesis projects of the 2013 MFA graduating class in THE MOTHERSHIP: THESIS FESTIVAL 2013. Be prepared to experience eccentric worlds, bizarre characters, humor and horror in one unbeatable, truly inventive evening of theatre. Three original plays mark the culmination of three years of MFA training at Dell’Arte.  Join them on the Mothership.


Summit Fever follows the journey of three grotesque clowns in a treacherous and highly-physical ascent of Mount Everest. Tattered and beaten down, Smog, Gregor, and Mayo have been together on the tallest mountain on earth  for too long in a constant attempt to summit the elusive peak,  for what feels like-- or may be-- eternity. The clowns endure blizzards, avalanches, excruciating cold and pain, and most horrible of all, each other's company, all for a chance to view the top of the world and relish in its glory. Created and performed by Ruxy Cantir, Anthony Arnista, and Amelia Van Brunt.

Room 111

What do you get when you put three outrageous characters in a cramped motel room with a mysterious potato for infinity? An absurd and madcap comic tragedy, Room 111 begins with a motel, a carnival, a partly incestuous love triangle, and a knife act gone horribly wrong and becomes a fast-paced, uncomfortably sexy romp through ecstasy, ruin, body hair and betrayal when the three out-of-control characters discover an enormous potato growing under their bed. Can this potato change their lives? The show has been created by Janessa Johnsrude, Anson Smith and Kolleen Kintz, with Molly Armstrong as Creative Facilitator and sound design by Cory Goldman.


Because I Love You Most of All

In this eccentric and bloody murder mystery, Adam Campbell, the sheriff of a small town, searches desperately for his missing lover. As the hunt continues, his guilt, obsession, and love drive him deeper and deeper into madness. Will he ever find her? Come and see this surreal thriller unravel for yourself! Created and Performed Meridith Anne Baldwin, Jacob Trillo, Ryan Musil, and Lisa McNeely.


This year’s Thesis Festival serves as a launching pad for a new theatre company, consisting of the core members of the 2013 ensemble who will continue working together post-graduation. Called Mothership Ensemble, the group will perform in the San Francisco Fringe in August 2013 with the tragedy they developed in their second year of study at Dell’Arte, The Night Mare (In a House of Dark Dreams).  Dell’Arte International is the premiere North American Center for the performance, research, and training of the actor-creator, offering the only MFA program in the world in Ensemble-Based Physical Theatre.  


The Mothership: Thesis Festival 2013 will run in the Carlo Theatre in Blue Lake on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, May 9,10, 11, and again May 16,17,18 at 8 p.m.  Performances are all pay-what-you-can, with reservations highly encouraged.  To reserve tickets, call 707-668-5663, ext. 20. To get more information, visit the Dell’Arte website at www.dellarte.com.





Photo one: Dell’Arte presents three original plays in “The Mothership: Thesis Festival 2013.” From Left to Right:  “Summit Fever” with Anthony Arnista, Ruxy Cantir, Amelia Van Brunt. “Because I Love You Most of All” with Ryan Musil, Meridith Anne Baldwin, Jacob Trillo, Lisa McNeely. “Room 111” with Janessa Johnsrude, Anson Smith, Kolleen Kintz. Photo by Bobby Kintz.

Photo Two: Dell’Arte presents three original plays in The Mothership: Thesis Festival 2013. “Because I Love You Most Of All”(LtoR) Ryan Musil, Meridith Anne Baldwin, Lisa McNeely, Jacob Trillo. Photo by Bobby Kintz