The Humboldt Crabs' Lost Coast Outpost/Cowbell Night

Come party with us, Internet people!

The highlight of the Crabs season has to be the combined Lost Coast Outpost/Cowbell Night planned for Wednesday June 26 against those bums the Marysville Gold Sox. You’re all invited! 

LET'S MAKE HISTORY. To our knowledge this is the first time EVAH, a scrappy, little local news blog will sponsor a minor semi-pro summer collegiate team game. YOU DON'T WANNA MISS DAT.

We especially extend a hand to all of our colorful anonymous commenters. Let’s spend a night finding common ground around the fact that the Marysville Gold Sox suck!

We think we're gonna give away stuff too -- pizza and Get Out of BOOKED Free Cards, or something.

Take yourself out to this ballgame, Humboldt!


  • $8
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