Tales of the 'Dead'

Join us at The Siren's Song Tavern 325 Second Street in Eureka Thursday November 14th 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Pick up your copy of “Ripple: The Search for the Lost Treasure of Pooh” and have it signed by local author Carl Nordberg while enjoying and singing along to Grateful Dead cover tunes performed by: Norman Bradford, Patrick Clark, Sara Torres, Jan Bramlett, and More Special Musical Guests... Including "Tie-Dye Steve" Anderson while he is in town for a short visit. :) All are welcome to join us for songs, stories and spirits.

Ripple: The Search for the Lost Treasure of Pooh by Carl Nordberg is has received great reviews from readers. In the spirit of Ken Kesey and Jack Karouac, Ripple offers the reader a seat on the bus as it journeys deep into the enigmatic world of the caravan of the Grateful Dead, which continues to draw interest from a fan base spanning three generations. But there’s more to this novel than a mere flashback or an opportunity to relive cherished memories of the “Golden Road.” Ripple is a celebration of storytelling, a colorful tapestry of intricately woven metaphors that bring to life a unique slice of Americana forever shrouded in myth and legend. Ripple is a spiritual scavenger hunt that leads to a seldom asked question at the center of the human condition: what happens if we don’t follow our dreams. Everyone tells us to follow our dreams, but what really happens if we don’t.

Find Ripple: The Search for the Lost Treasure of Pooh on Facebook, Google+, Goodreads.com, Amazon.com, Kindle and the author’s blog at http://ripplebycarlnordberg.blogspot.com. For more information email Carl Nordberg at nordbergcarl@gmail.com.