Super Diamond

When your parents popped in a Neil Diamond tape on repeat during long interstate road trips, you reluctantly sang along. Never thought you'd turn out to be a Diamond fan now, right?  A band out of San Francisco can put a rest to that Diamond thirst.Super Diamond delivers a high-octane Diamond tribute show that rocks! SF Weeklysaid it best: "enough irony to draw the cool kids, enough rock to move the Sigma Chis, enough class to accommodate the corporate VPs between the ice sculptures, and more than enough Neil to swoon the housewives." This will be a seriously fun show, for hipsters and Boomers alike. Proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. Tickets are $25, and are available at Suddenlink, The Works, Wildberries Market, Annex '39 Antiques, Coast Central Credit Union in Fortuna, Ferndale Music, and Judy's F Street Barbershop in Eureka.

  • $25
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