Super Brown, Midday Veil, Low Hums

Friday the 13th get your dose of weird at the Siren's Song Tavern in Eureka. Live music will be happening with Midday Veil, Low Hums, and locals Super Brown. MIdday Veil and Low Hums are chilled out amped up psychedelic rock music from Seattle that will tickle your third eye. Supporting them are locals Super Brown from Arcata. They play a mix of heavy fuzzed out rock with a little psychedelia and a sprinkle of stoner metal for a tasty rock and roll entree. The show is all ages, starts at 8 pm, and will be sure to not disappoint. The Siren's Song Tavern is located at 325 2nd Street Eureka, CA and serves beer, wine, and also coffee drinks. Don't miss this one!

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