Steff and The Articles

Steff Koeppen’s passion for music was discovered in grade school when she began taking piano lessons. Her vocal talents became apparent shortly thereafter and culminated with various performances in school and her first “garage band” in junior high. 

In 2008, Steff began developing her own songwriting. It was then that she began recording demos with friends on bass and drums. By the end of 2009, Steff had organized what would become the definitive lineup of "The Articles." In 2012, Steff and The Articles released Stories You Can’t Tell, followed by the single, "It Really Is Quite Lonely Here," at the beginning of 2013.

The current lineup of Steff and The Articles includes world traveled bass player, Chris Pierce; classically trained violinist, Alex Tuggle; and Tom Beech on drums. The Tucson based ensemble produces music that touches on classical, jazz, and folk styles while maintaining an accessible, pop-oriented sound, but the band invites you to be the judge.

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