Stand Up! Comedy

Stand Up! Comedy is back at The Palm Lounge at The Eureka Inn to bring you more of the best comedy on earth!

You are in for a real treat this time, Humboldt. We managed to talk the charmingly acerbic Ben Feldman into coming up from the Bay Area, and he's bringing Jesse Fernandez along with him. Little do they know, right? Wait, they won't see this, will they?

Joining in the fun are locals Nando Molina, Ivy Vasquez, Ray McMillin, and your host, Tony Persico. Come out to see some spectacular comedy and then stick around to see Humboldt's New Wave darlings, Space Biscuit and Wownd, starting at 10. $5 cover for the comedy, and a suggested $3-$5 donation after 9:30 for the music.

Ben Feldman
Ben Feldman was named SF Weekly's best San Francisco comic to watch in 2013 saying "With a dry wit that was praised by Robin Williams himself, Feldman brings a cool East Coast charm to Bay Area stages. From a sarcastic rant to a subtle pun, his act is clever, playful, and delightfully provocative."

Ben works the Bay Area's top comedy clubs including the San Francisco Punchline, the San Jose Improv, Cobb's Comedy Club, and Rooster T. Feathers, as well as clubs and venues throughout California and beyond. Ben has worked with Robin Williams, Mike Birbiglia, Chris Kattan, Rick Overton, Jeff Richards, Steven Pearl, and Jeremy Hotz to name a few.

Jesse Fernandez
Jesse Fernandez is a full-grown man. Critics have praised Jesse for having “remarkably consistent hair” and eyes “like two little hedgehogs afraid of the light.” Some who haven’t seen Jesse in a long time have observed that he looks different than he used to look. His peers laud him with kind words like, “I remember when you were fatter,” and, “I also remember when you were thinner.” About half of Jesse’s audience doesn’t think he should get a haircut.

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