Stand Up! Comedy

Stand Up! Comedy has been bringing some pretty spectacular comedians to Humbrews over the last few months, and March is no different! We couldn't be more excited to be bringing you Sacramento's Johnny Taylor!

Johnny is a regular visitor to Humboldt County and he is coming back just for you! Joining him will be Daniel Humbarger, who has been out this way a few times before himself. They're coming all the way from Sacramento just to entertain you wonderful people. If you haven't seen them, make sure to catch them now! If you have, I already know you'll be there.

Local comedians Sarah Godlin and Ivy Vasquez will be performing as well, but neither of them have to drive very far. Well, Ivy is coming from Eureka, but I'm not sure where Sarah lives, and I'm sure she prefers it that way. Hosted by Tony Persico, there's something seriously wrong with you if you aren't coming to this show. Just sayin. $7 cover. 21 & Over.

Johnny Taylor
Sacramento's Johnny Taylor uses sharp wit, and off-beat sensibilities to communicate his sometimes tragic life experiences in a hilarious way.

A dynamic performer, Johnny has established a reputation for displaying a wide range of comedic styles.

He has opened for some of the biggest names in stand-up comedy, including Robin Williams, Bobcat Goldthwait, Brian Posehn, Wayne Federman, and more.

Johnny is a regular at every major comedy club in Northern California, including the San Francisco Punch Line, Sacramento Punch Line, Cobb's Comedy Club, and 142 Throckmorton Theater, and was recently featured on Comedytime.TV.