Spoken Synergy

A Reason to Listen Poetry Collective presents Spoken Synergy: a Collaboration of Spoken Word, Music and Movement Saturday, November 23, 7 p.m. at the Jambalaya in Arcata ($5-$10 sliding scale). The show consists of a series of vignettes ranging in style and mood from the classical tones of the English Horn to the modern experimentation of beat boxed melodies. The audience will be invited into the contemplative inner world of the poet as the performers evoke ancient Buddhist meditations, imagine the musings of primitive man, and question the structure of learning. This project arose from the desire to bring forth the synergy that occurs when creative synapses bridge across disciplines and unfold in the presence of an attentive audience. We humbly invite the community to join us in this invigorating process of co-creation we call art. Join the cast on the dance floor after the show, as local band, Likwefi and Live Artist Matt Beard continue the mind-bending experience into the night. Performers include: Spoken Word Artists: Jeremiah Anderson (+Beat boxed recoder) Laurie Birdsall David Holper Therese FitzMaurice Joanna Reichhold Niko Sol Cara Tesnow Live Artist: Matt Beard Hoop Dancers: Melanie Quillen- Zapper (Redwood Rings Hoop Troupe, recent recipient of Redwood Raks artist in Residence) Hanakekua Joao Joelle Jorissen Lacy Pipher Musicians: Tim Lane (Likwefi: guitar/keys) Tommy FitzMaurice (percussion/vocals) Ginny Ryder (English Horn) Mary Thorton (flute/vocals) Videographers: Eileen McGee Thomas Dunklin After party: Likwefi