Stand Up! Comedy

It's the Spectaular (you can never have too much) Stand Up! Comedy Extravaganza at Six Rivers Brewery.

Do we have a show for you. I'm actually not asking, I'm telling you this one, as Buster Bluth would say, is going to be off the hook.

Let's see... We have Kaseem Bentley coming back after a fantastic Valentine's Day show. We have Jeff Anaya, Richard Dreyling, Dan Mires all up from the Bay Area. We have local favorites Ivy Vasquez and John McClurg. We also have very special guest Cheryl White. We expect that more will be joining the cast, hence the name of the show.

There just happen to be a lot of outstanding comedians who just happen to be in town Friday night, and we thought we'd fit in as many as we can, and maybe a little more. Can you handle it, McKinleyville?

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