SLick: A (Fetish) Fantasy Dance Party

Sat. July 27th Where's Queer Bill is throwing the wildest Fetish Fantasy Dance Party...expose your Alter Ego & Fetish in an intoxicating Atmosphere of Fantasy Fashion Frenzy...This Fetish Fantasy is targeted at the LGBT community & Allies...
Now don't be getting shy on me..

From San Francisco... Go-Go Boy Bray Love's 1st Northcoast Appearance and Sexy Pop-Up Performers - All Night Long!
Doors open @9:00PM - 1st Pop-Up Performer @10:30PM

Cover Only $5 (in “Fetish-wear”)
Cover Without "Fetish-wear" $7 (To Benefit Humboldt Pride)

DJ Razorburns will be Thumping the Floor.

"Is this a sex party? Nope
"Is this is a Fantasy Fashion Frenzy? YEP...what I said!
"What can I expect? Sexy people! Sexy outfits! Intoxicating Performers!
"What are some options? Lots of options:
Furry, Leather, Rubber, Vinyl, Uniforms, Glitter Boots, Victorian, Kinky Drag, Fetish Glam, Anime, Cospay, Fairytales, Skin Art, Gothic Glam, Twisted Burlesque, Big Hair, Little Pants, Boots with Furr, Micro Mini’s, Boxers, Briefs, itsy bitsy leather bikini, spandex, Make it Big! Make it Small! Pasties indeed! Foot fetishes, Infantilism, Vampirism, Bondage, Sadism, Masochism, etc...The sky's the limit! Reach deep into that closet of yours and find something sexy to wear (or not wear)...

Urban Dictionary: Fetish
1. An object thought to have magical, especially magically sexual, powers
2. A sexual fixation or obsession with a usually non-sexual object.
3. (The good one) A sexual fixation(s) that usually differs from those of the standard population. In other words, something (sometimes totally unrelated to sex) that turns you on and that isn't enjoyed by the majority of people.

More Info: 832-4785 or www.wheresqueerbill.com