Silver Ochre's The Now of US

The Sanctuary is excited to welcome back for the fourth time, keyboardist/serial collaborator Thollem McDonas and Silver Ochre, his duo with video artist ACVilla. Silver Ochre will present The Now Of US, a video project focused on artistic documentation of murals throughout the States, with live sound by McDonas. Local muralist Anna Sofia Amezcua will open up the show with a presentation on her mural techniques and processes. A discussion will follow after the film. Anna Sofia Amezcua’s evocative, lushly colored paintings and murals explore powerful expressions of emotion that celebrate what has been traditionally undervalued and repressed as feminine. Her process is intuitive and gestural, informed by movement, dance and her sensitivity to color, which she understands as the visual language of emotion. She lives and works in Eureka, CA. For The Now Of US, Thollem will be producing a soundtrack in collaboration with musicians across the country to both reflect the incredible diversity of musics that artists are making now, in their communities, as well as to find new ways to continue developing dialogue between our communities. Through The Now Of US, Thollem and ACVilla - in collaboration with local artists and presenting organizations - are offering another opportunity for communities to gather, experience and talk about this country as we lead up to the 2020 elections. In past presentations, their work has inspired discussions around diversity, democracy, beauty, home, local issues, activism, universal symbols, borders and where each one of us fits in it all.