Shook Twins, Steve Poltz

Chris Parreira Presents...
Shook Twins
Steve Poltz
Friday, April 19
Doors open at 9 PM
$15 day of show
$12 in advance

Born and raised in Sandpoint Idaho, Shook Twins are an Indie folk-pop band now hailing from coniferous forested Portland, Oregon. Identical twins, Katelyn and Laurie Shook, Kyle Volkman and Niko Daoussis form the core quartet. Central elements of the Shook Twins' sound are a wide range of instrumentation, including banjo, guitar, electric and upright bass, mandolin, electric guitar, electronic drums, face drum (beatbox), glockenspiel, ukulele, banjo drumming and their signature golden EGG. Beautiful twin harmonies, layered upon acoustic and electric instrumentation coupled with Laurie’s inventive use of percussive and ambient vocal loops, and Katelyn’s repurposed telephone microphone, set their sound apart, creating a unique and eccentric blend of folk, roots, groove and soul.

The twins are the main songwriters but they have recently started backing up their band members, Niko Daoussis (Cyber Camel) and Anna Tivel (Anna and the Underbelly) and adding their stunning songs to the mix.

Each Shook Twins song tells a story, distinctive, sharp, genuine, and well – sometimes quirky. Drawing from their life experience, select subjects include, being potters’ daughters, imagined superpowers and a chicken named ‘Rose’ they befriended. Shook Twins also pull out unexpected takes on classic hits, retellings of their musician friends’ songs, heartfelt ballads and rhythm driven dance numbers.

After releasing their first album "You Can Have the Rest," the twin sisters moved to Portland in December of 2009, conceptualizing their 2011 release "Window" (featuring Bonnie Paine and Bridget Law of Elephant Revival). Both albums were recorded and produced in Santa Cruz, California, at InDigital Studios. Favorable reviews, extensive radio airplay and a busy tour schedule have created an ever growing fan base & kudos from many major musicians. Shook Twins and their full band, including Niko (mandolin, electric guitar, vocals), Kyle (bass), Anna Tivel (violin, vocals), and Russ Kleiner (drum kit, percussion), recently finished recording their third album “What We Do” (releasing 4/8/14) with Grammy nominated producer Ryan Hadlock at Bear Creek Studios as well as partnering and recording an album, with fellow Portland musician Ben Darwish on his epic concept piece, "The Clear Blue Pearl."


Southern California’s Steve Poltz is one of the mos
t beloved songwriters of his generation. His
music--as both a solo artist and with cult legends
The Rugburns--has enjoyed long stretches in
the Billboard top ten, gobbled up acres of mainstre
am radio and appeared in scores of television
shows, commercials and movies. He has collaborated
with everyone from Jewel to Glenn
Tillbrook to Mojo Nixon, and his legendary live sho
w has earned him a ferocious global fan base
that makes soccer hooligans seem coquettish and res
erved. In fact, X front man John Doe once
said, "My idea of hell would be having Steve Poltz
open for me every day. There's no place left
for the audience to go."

Requiring the flimsiest of reasons to launch a worl
d tour, it is no surprise that literally minutes
after the album is released, Poltz will be back on
the road. When will he slow down? "Never--
hopefully I'm doing this when I'm 80 or 90. I'm nev
er retiring because the day I retire is the day I
break my hip, catch pneumonia and die, and I don't
want to die. Ever."