Sequoia Park Zoo Conservation Lectures

2013-2014 Conservation Lecture Calendar

  • November 13: – The Birds & the Beans: Coffee and Conservation in Jamaica, Kenya, and India. (Matt Johnson, Humboldt State University)
  • December 11: – Bringing Eagles Home: 35 years of effort to restore Bald eagles to the Channel Islands. (Dave Garcelon, Institute for Wildlife Studies)
  • January 15: - Eagles In Your Home: Connecting with Wildlife Through Remote Cameras (Sandra Hunt-von Arb, Pacific Northwestern Biological Resources Consultants, and Jim Spickler, Eco-Ascension Research and Consulting)
  • February 12: – Zoos and the Restoration of Iconic Pacific Northwest Species: From California Condors to Oregon Spotted Frogs. (David Sheperdson, Oregon Zoo)
  • March 12: - When the Fuel Hits the Feathers:  Oiled Wildlife Rescue in California and on the North Coast. (Tamar Danufsky, HSU Museum and Oiled Wildlife Care Network)


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