Send a Friend to Belgium

Our good friend Jaime Ashdon is heading to Belgium. Most of you know him from Humboldt Beer Works, and the Homebrew club. He was recently offered a buddy ticket to Belgium, but was going to turn it down due to lack of traveling funds. I want to see him go and have fun, and learn as much as he can about the Belgium Brewing World. Is this a personal fundraiser? Yes! Is this a little random and awkward? Probably, however how often do we get great opportunities? Not enough, so i will be putting out a beer basket with all sorts of goodies, and Jaime will be adding to the fun. It will include that delicious and highly sought after Westvleteren 12, amongst others. Lets send a friend to Belgium and hope the Karma comes back to us!! We will be holding the raffle on Tuesday the 21st at 830pm. Tickets will be just a $1. Come in have a beer and meet some friends, and make a good mans dream come true! Sort of like Make A Wish Foundation without the sad part.