Comedian Robert Berry

Robert Berry is a fun high energy comedian and event host that has entertained a wide variety of audiences for nearly 15 years. As the creator and writer behind the long standing pop culture site retroCRUSH, he's written hundreds of essays, interviews, and film reviews and has produced more than 150 episodes of the retroCRUSH Podcast which has featured guests from Rob Zombie to Weird Al Yankovic. In recent years, Robert has been focusing on stand up comedy and has quickly become a crowd favorite for hosting high energy hilarious events. Robert's off-beat amped up style entertains a wide variety of audiences with material ranging from hilarious pop culture observations to absurd alternative subject matter. His sets often use nostalgic material that has a wide appeal to audiences of all ages. Robert is a regular booked host at the Punch Line, Laughs Unlimited and Sacramento Comedy Spot, and has produced over 30 retroCRUSH Comedy Shows in recent years, which feature a variety of comedy, sketch, music, and burlesque performances. Chris Durant features. Trevor Lockwood and Gavin Smiley open. Jessica Grant hosts. $10