Restorative Yoga & Mindfulness with Jodie


Treat your body, mind and soul to a full two hours of delicious Restorative Yoga. These candle lit Friday evenings with Jodie will begin with short meditation practice and move into Restorative poses where you will be completely supported by props allowing for the relaxation of your entire nervous system. Students report that after just one class, they feel as if years of stress has been washed away, sleep is better and there can be a general feeling of well being and balance, for several days after practice.



Jodie includes some light stretching to keep the body from feeling stiff between poses and vocal chants for your healing pleasure. Class will close with a meditation for the month. These are all levels workshops and adjustments made for all conditions.



Monthly Event - Every 3rd Friday - 7:00-9:00pm - $20


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