Pressure Anya One Year Anniversary

It's been one whole year since Gabe and Anya teamed up as a DJ duo. They had been doing their own thing for years. A couple of record collector/music freaks who had both sung in punk rock bands and liked when people danced to the crazy music mixes they played. 

They heard about each other, but never met until Gabe called up Anya last year in July and invited her to do '80s Night at Jambalaya. The two hit it off, it was like one was in the other's head stealing mixes and styles, playing punk, new wave, electro and hip-hop like it all belonged together. A week later, Anya invited Gabe to do the derby after-party at The Shanty. Again, the same connection, this time with crunk, hyphy, booty jamz and throwbacks. That night, Anya invited Gabe to do a private event (family reunion) with her out on some big property in the forest where they got scolded by a grandma for playing Ice Cube and Die Antward as requested by the kids. It was that day, under the blue sky and green trees of Humboldt that these two punks decided to get crunk together and make a bunch of noise. It was that day that Pressure Anya was born. 

Tonight they celebrate the anniversary of the Pressure Anya DJ Duo and Dirty Thursdays, the first residency they started together. Come out and party with them and everyone at Nocturnum Nightclub! 9:30PM/No Cover