Pony Express Days

While your Lost Coast Outpost is pulling it together after a long election night, the human cluster of McKinleyville is gearing up for its annual, almost-week-long, “Let’s be a community!” event.

Starting today and continuing through Sunday, Mack town presents Pony Express Days. Here’s a brief rundown of the next five days.

  • Wednesday: Its the annual Chili Cook-off in Pierson Park and you’re the judge. Local bluegrass band Pilot Rock Ramblers provide your chili-ingesting soundtrack (5:30 p.m.) 
  • Thursday: If you like to watch firemen acting like firemen then the Firemen’s Muster in the Ray’s Food Place parking lot would be a dumb thing to miss (5:30 p.m.)
  • Friday: Local artisans and farmers will populate the Farm Fest at A&L Feed (2-7 p.m.). Don’t shop too hard as to not have enough foot strength for the Barn Dance (8 p.m.).
  • Saturday: Everyone loves a Parade! And there will be a McKinleyville-ized version rolling down Central Avenue starting at noon. Then the main event: the Festival in Pierson Park features all-day live music, food and frolic.
  • Sunday: Actual horse will legitimize this whole affair during Gymkhana at the McKinleyville Rodeo grounds on both Saturday and Sunday.

Yee. Haw.

—Andrew Goff


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