Pints 4 Nonprofits :: South Fork Booster Club

Let’s help boost the boosters- the South Fork Booster Club that is! Join us on Monday February 24 for another important Pints 4 Nonprofits. Each pint of beer purchased between the event hours, 3-6PM the Gyppo Ale Mill will donate $2 to the South Fork Booster Club. Did you know that the South Fork Booster Club is over 25 years old? And is made up of 100% volunteer and community raised funds? They support the entire sports program that costs a whopping $105,000 a year. That’s 11 sports with 19 competitive boys and girls teams between South Fork High School and Miranda Junior High. With 63% of the student body participating in 1 sport, and 54% competing in 2 or more sports a year, it’s likely you will be directly contributing to an athlete you know! Sports are a great motivator for students to keep up their grades, attend school daily, be a good citizen and set an example for their under class men. Enjoy some suds and feel good about supporting the South Fork Booster Club on Monday February 24 3-6 PM. Cheers to a great cause!