PechaKucha Night

650 Cities Worldwide and now in Arcata!


PechaKucha is a relaxed, fun evening where local community members prepare & present their ideas, works, thoughts, passions and inspirations in the 20/20 format.

PechaKucha presentations uncover the unexpected: unexpected talent, unexpected ideas. PechaKuchas tell great stories!  Some are incredibly personal, some are incredibly funny, but all are very different and they turn each PechaKucha Night into a “box of chocolates.”

> PRESENTERS—-Vol. 1, September 7, 2013
> 1  Jeffrey Steinkamp—-Global Gravity Sport Escapades & Epiphanies (like PechaKucha)
> 2  Tom Reed—-Natural Beauty and the Human Psyche
> 3  Laura Munoz and Joan Schirle—-Knowing How We Know
> 4  Bobby Wright—-Drawing: Perspectives on Information and Communication
> 5  Thomas Dunklin—-Salmon Return: Restoring Our Cellular Connection
> 6  Dr. Michael Yellowbird—-Divine Pathways: The Indigenous Brain and the Sacred
> 7  Megan Frank—-The Language of Theatre: Across Borders of Culture and Continents
> 8  Danielle Orr—-Orphic Egg 
> 9  Virginia Subia Belton—-Honorable Closure: A Midwife’s Journey to Sacred Landscapes in the End of Life Relationship

PechaKucha Arcata 20/20 is a new local organization that brings community members of all ages together to share their ideas, passions, art, work, experiences and stories. Four times a year, PechaKucha Arcata 20/20 hosts an informal night of rapid presentations with 20 visuals each. PechaKucha nights are fun, informative, creative events designed to inspire, entertain and stimulate conversation. Presentations can cover art, adventure, health, environment, travel, storytelling, or…just about anything that inspires! First developed in 2003 in Tokyo, PechaKucha has become a global event held in hundreds of cities and towns around the world. All PechaKucha events are grassroots endeavors featuring presenters that highlight the diversity and creativity of the local community. PechaKucha events are held in informal venues with food and/or drink to inspire conversation and foster community building.

The first PechaKucha Arcata 20/20 night will feature presentations by local artists, authors, healers, environmentalists, performers, storytellers, and travelers, including: Tom Reed, Dr. Michael Yellowbird, Virginia Subia Belton, MA, PhDc, Jeffrey Steinkamp, Meghan Frank, Lauryn Axelrod, Thomas Dunklin and others. Visit www.pechakucha.org to learn more about PechaKucha worldwide. To get involved with PechaKucha Arcata, please contact Jeffrey Steinkamp 707-834-3428 or email Gina Belton at virginiasubia@gmail.com.