Pajamarama Dance Party

Where's Queer Bills parties are always wild and so much fun. This party will be over the top with DJ Razorburns and DJ Joe-E, Drink Specials, Videos, Special Surprises, Pop-up Performances and a Midnight Pillow Fight.

Where's Queer Bill is going all wild with this party....so slip on your PJ's and head to Nocturnum, doors open @ 9PM, cover only $5. It's your chance to party with those people your Momma warned you about at the Northcoast's only consistent monthly LGBTQ party, targeted specifically for our community & those who support us.

Nocturnum - 206 W Sixth Street - Eureka
All WQB events are ALWAYS GAY and ALWAYS Straight Friendly.

If you’ve never been to a WQB Dance Party night then be warned that:
• If you don't like dancing your butt off till 2 AM, while no one messes with you, then this night is NOT for you.
• If you don't like boys dancing with boys or girls dancing with girls or gender/sexual ambiguous folks dancing together, a place where everyone is just being who they are and not judging anyone, then this night is NOT for you.
• If you don’t like being able to go out and have a good time with your girl friends without the pressure of being constantly hit on, this night is NOT for you.

• If you like dancing among some of the least judgmental and nicest folks you'll ever meet, then this night is for YOU.
• If you like dancing your ass off and hanging with friends in a homophobic free environment, then this night is for YOU.
• If you’re a straight female and you and your girl friends just want to go out and have a good time without being constantly hit on by straight men, then this night is for YOU.
• If you like the DJ's addressing you personally and letting you know how they're happy you're having a good time and later on wishing you a great morning and sending you on your safe way, then this night is for YOU.
• And If you enjoy dancing your butt off, then this night IS definitively for YOU.

Give it a try, you won't forget the night anytime soon...