New Moon Raw Cacao Ritual

New Moon Ritual: Do you hear the whispers of a sacred calling, urging you to fulfill your dreams and soul purpose? Is it becoming difficult to ignore the feeling that you are destined to do great things, but your still figuring out how to manifest your dreams and make a living doing so? This new moon, Mercury goes direct (after 3 weeks of retrograde). This is a perfect time to go on a soul purpose Vision Quest! Let’s embark on a journey to wake up your potential and align with your evolution at this new moon ceremony... Why Vision Quest Now? The worlds behind the veil weaves its way into our world. During the New Moon, our awareness that the veils are thin is heightened. We have a greater capacity to communicate with the world of spirit, and to receive visions about our life purpose and healing. When Mercury goes direct after retrograde, it is a perfect time to become more clear in our communication and expression. Let’s align with this cosmic cycle by sipping raw cacao beverages and anointing with sacred essential oils to purge and release the old, while opening the floodgates of intuition to allow in your sacred mission to manifest. What to bring: Bring a notebook, your favorite crystal, and something comfortable to sit on (such as a pillow, mat, or blanket). We will do a guided journey to become more clear about our souls sacred purpose and goal. Galactic Alignment: This new moon is significant, as it falls 1 degree from the galactic center! In astrology, the galactic center is believed to hold a powerful force that delivers energy upgrades and awakenings. The energy is definitely accelerated right now, and it seems we are all receiving an awakening of some form… Cost is $10 No one will be turned away for lack of funds but if you intend to drink the raw cacao please pay for a ticket in advance so we can prepare a special brew for you! It’s $10 for one cup and then $5 for each refill. If possible, please bring your own special cup. All funds go towards covering cost of materials and offering a donation to Essential Elements Spa for hosting. What to expect from clarifying your soul’s purpose: Purge all that doesn’t serve you. Own your vision, and choose your soul quest. Heal your shadow. Live your hero’s journey. Set your intention and dream the dream. Brand your purpose and be known. Connect with your allies both embodied and spiritual. Activate divine alignment and unlock inner power